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Embracing Embodiment

Greetings from a lazy Mardis Gras in the Deep South. February has had a consistent intensity about it, that forced delays in physical progress and action at times. Surges in energy create purges in density. As spirit in matter, we are sensitive to changes in our surroundings. We perceive separation and limitation through the stored density in the body, and the fortified beliefs and structures to which we ascribe. They create foundations of perception that get rocked when the energy we are in changes; and we are in major planetary changes that are shifting everything in existence on earth.

The disrupted density contains slower, lower frequency blocks of residual emotions and thoughts from experiences that we are attached to, or are not finished fully processing. Sometimes we hold onto to distortions in thought and feeling from intense, scary, emotional, or traumatic experiences to better understand, heal,  and move through them over time. We grow through experience here. We expand and elevate through our progressed experiential wisdom, and reclaim our innocence through the compassion and love we regain for ourselves as we increase our awareness and sacred remembrance. These February influxes have called forth major breakthroughs and resolutions for those energetically aware and working with their soul alignment. This phase of the earth’s evolution will require us to embody our source energy on a deeper level. We are becoming conscious creators and contributors to our reality and the unified environment we all share. This involves emotional and mental responsibility and mastery, and that requires us to address the monsters under the bed, in our bodies, and in our subconscious. We have various collective subconscious fields too that are being reoriented. Humanity has lived with many cultural and religious beliefs, narratives, and frameworks that continue to create limits and disruptions in our divine potential and connection. They aren’t wrong. They served purposes and truths at various periods of time. Many of these stories, characters, and myths changed their details to speak to and suit changes in the culture. Their teachings and meanings evolving with the ability and progress of their contemporaries. This does not lessen or negate their value, but instead shows the transitory nature and potential of creation itself. Last month I addressed the long-standing female mythical influence that permeates much of our disempowering and vilification of the feminine in Eve, but with this sacred rearranging we are experiencing now, I feel its time to move onto Medusa.

The story of Medusa has changed over the years. Medusa originally appeared outright as a monster. She was one sister in a trio of women so ugly that looking upon them caused the beholder to turn to stone. In this version she was the only mortal of the three, thus weakening her position and allowing her ultimate demise. As time passed, however, she became a beautiful mortal woman, that was a virginal devotee in the palace of Athena. Her good looks caught the attention of the god Poseidon, an enemy of Athena, that chose to rape Medusa in the palace to defile it. There are slight variations here, a few portraying her as a willing adulteress, inciting the jealousy and rage of Athena either way. In all, it is Athena that curses Medusa to her hideous, snake-headed form, and banishes her to isolation where any man that approached her would be met with the eternally hardened fate. The variation definitely creates a humbling and traumatized position for Medusa, one that reaffirms a cruel side of life and deity. Ironically, her name means “god’s protection” and her decapitated head, a symbol of protection to ward off evil. She was revered and hunted as an adversary, and then an omen of comfort and prowess in battle. This definitely touches on our glorification of conflict, domination, hardship, and suffering. She garnered no sympathy as a victim, but much admiration as a grotesque and violent adversary. She was ultimately bested by Hercules and her head continued to be powerful long after her demise.

Our evolution and harmonization as a species includes a rise, restoration, and balancing of the feminine aspect. Myths like Medusa’s say a lot about our relationship to the feminine, and what we valued as a culture at various times. Certain aspects of the female principle were celebrated, but many were exploited and denigrated, even by other women. As we make peace with these elements inside ourselves, we will see the stories and experiences change. The feminine’s beauty is neither her weakness nor her weapon, her embittered shadow state, is not what validates her. The feminine is an aspect of creation that exists inside all of us. She is the source of life, the unlimited space where all creations form, and the love that continues to nurture and foster growth and possibility. The feminine is receptive and potent in her passivity. She endures, believes, and abides. She does not need to fight, force, or manipulate to be effective. She only needs to recognize her feelings and vulnerabilities as gifts instead liabilities. She learns to value her voice even when its not the loudest, because wisdom is what lies beneath, not what’s taken or bought.

Our traumatized and wounded aspects are what cause us to grow in distorted ways over time. When hurt, we develop defense mechanisms in thought and feeling to insulate ourselves from future harm. What we build to keep ourselves safe, however, can also keep us from receiving positive energies and interactions. Walls defend against all. Our thoughts catered to seeing others as potential enemies, prevent us from connections that offer experiences to the contrary. We attract things to us based on the energy we hold and embody, so it is imperative to dissolve the past parameters to receive something new. If we allow ourselves to be isolated and fortified in our hurts, we end up like Medusa, unapproachable, emotionally weaponized, and alone. Today we better understand how she got there and may not see her as a monster, but can we recognize her in ourselves? Can we see where we have given our power to our hurts and victimization, and allowed our emotions and thoughts to run amok in our lives to our detriment? That is where we transcend our limits and our bondage to a lower expression and experience. We are meant to expand the internal barriers and challenge our older perceptions to embrace new opportunities.

Our weaknesses, blindspots, and wounds have been used to control and manipulate us for centuries. Elements of our nature have been recapitulated in perverted forms and fed back to us in ways that promote fear, guilt, and shame for things that are inherent and inescapable. This leaves us with a pervasive mistrust of ourselves and of life, ensuring we will give our power away to those that crown themselves as authority. We see what they are doing with their power, and we wait for someone better to come along to change it. This too is a learned response; one that has been re-enforced through the story of a savior coming, told for thousands of years. There are many variations in this also, the elements predating christianity. If we take the time to look at the teachings shared all over of the world, we can see shared symbols and truths that permeate all. There are things that are universal in the human experience, and they unite us when we can stop arguing over minute details and discrepancies to see the bigger picture.

If we take the two stories I have written about, there is a snake motif that is relevant in both. The snake was an ancient symbol for our life force energy. This energy is both sexual and creative; its potency soliciting physical urges and responses that were opportunities to exploit and control early on. In Eve, making her the culprit of luring a man into sin through sexual temptation (snake) helped make women the scapegoat for any desires and actions on a man’s part that lead to bad ends. It also yoked the power of women through internal feelings and beliefs about guilt and submission. It ensured she would be at odds with herself and her place in the world. She would be complicit in her weakened position. In Medusa’s situation, it was a sexual event that cursed her. If we go with the later versions, her beauty brought her danger, that then resulted in punishment. Her sexual energy was then weaponized beyond her control at the crown of her head, indiscriminately destroying everyone around her. Female sexuality has been under attack and subjugation for centuries, creating internal conflicts and distortions handed down through ancestry and culture. It is no surprise the result is the mass sexual violence and exploitation of women and children. What is inherently sacred and life giving, has been tainted, demoralized, and marketed for sale.

As the frequencies of life on the planet rise, however, all is restored to its proper place in value and creation. Life is not considered sacred when the feminine is desecrated. Respect and care is not given to those that foster life. Our treatment of the earth has best exemplified the effects of these misaligned belief systems and practices. Our relationship to each other, to life, and to the varying elements inside ourselves are changing to bring about a resolution. Our position of power always starts with our own liberation and divine restoration. The increases and influxes in light are assisting us in healing the underlying conflicts and untruths in our system. What scientists are calling solar flares, are divinely orchestrated impulses of energy flowing through our atmosphere to assist in elevating its frequency. They cause disturbances in the lower expressions to ensure their reclamation and integration into the higher frequency field of operation. This is not just an evolution of consciousness, it is a physical transformation as well. Because our sexual nature has been a source of manipulation, disempowerment, and enslavement, we will be guided to heal and resolve these issues in ourselves. We have been taught to fear and demonize the snake, but moving forward we will befriend this part of ourselves and lovingly own our pleasure, our vibrancy, and our potency. We will not see it as something to use or bargain as a means to survive, but instead see it as our precious life force to be consciously cultivated, managed, and protected for sustenance and creation in our lives. When I first started healing I was swallowed whole and regurgitated by a snake in the dream realms; last night I was in a place with many snakes of various colors and sizes, engaging with me positively as I continue to embody and heal more my sexual energy. This came after a significant heart opening  and sexual healing I experienced last week.

I began my prayer ceremony initially, to pray for the transition of a young boy that killed himself because he was being bullied. He had loving and attentive parents that were devastated because he did not tell them about the mistreatment he was receiving online. As I connected to the situation and family to send angelic assistance and energy, the connection created an opening in me. I felt a crack in my heart open in resonance to the child, and then an out pouring of grief and a breakthrough in awareness ensued. I too had held secrets at a very young age, and consequently piled on years and layers of emotional and mental distortions on top of it in holding it. In an instant, I was able to perceive all it locked in place in hurt, in toxic relationship patterns, and in feelings of mistrust and unlovable-ness. As I brought a loving awareness to it, I felt the lighter energy come in. I was tingling all over. What followed was a full body re-balancing to accommodate the upgrades and align me to a higher level of soul embodiment. I processed energies relating to the secret events, along with the energies and distortions in thought that I held to protect and insulate me from it after. I saw how they isolated me from my family, and created a huge barrier in my ability to trust and open myself to others. When we wall off and guard ourselves, we live a half-life. We deny ourselves good feelings with the bad. I spent years drinking alcohol to anesthetize, socialize, and endure things; but drinking doesn’t make you emotionally available to others, it just numbs and steers you from being able to move through what is in the way. Drinking alcohol maintains a comfortably numb position in the lower bandwidth of denial.

I quit drinking years ago after my brother died and I could no longer avoid the healing and freedom presenting itself. The divine embodiment process comes with pain, but it ends with liberation. Circulating pain in denial and ignorance as a way of life is no way to truly live. The price of true freedom and love, is feeling and facing all that has been swept under the rug to discover the real self that is always present. There is the real you, witnessing, learning, engaging, creating, loving, through all time. We have been taught mistakingly to look for validation and esteem outside of ourselves, but true empowerment is an inside job. There is no escape from the changes underway. There is no thing or one coming to rescue us from ourselves and our creations. Our salvation comes from internal intimacy and engagement. The energy influxes will continue to affect our minds, our bodies, our circumstances. They are designed to, and are seeking to help not harm. Be wary of those pulling people into the dooms and dangers of man and nature. Seek your soul’s counsel above all the conflicting noise. Let everyone handle their karmic residue and responsibilities with compassion. Your position of empowerment aligns you to others embodying their own. We then unify in resonance, and grow in strength and frequency to assist the collective. This is an organic process; like water, spirit does not fight or force. LOVE already encompasses all.

Your body is a divine instrument that is always trying to detoxify negative interference and come into a state of higher operation, harmony, and balance. Do you know its guidance? There are processes it must undergo to mutate. As I readjusted my flow, frequency, and truth from my heart opening, my body was sore everywhere it was integrating. The pain in various parts of the body had messages and stories. I purged through mucous, blood, sweat, and waste elimination. I ran fever periodically. Heat is an alchemical agent. Instead of assigning an illness to my body, my higher self guided me to hold space for the transition with love and awareness. I addressed everything on the energetic level with prayer, meditation, and healing modalities like reiki and quantum harmonization. I gave my body the time, attention, and rest it needed to complete the upgrade. This is how I embrace my embodiment, understanding we are here to have and honor our physical vehicle and experience–not escape, diminish, or override it. We nurture what we see as sacred; our bodies are part of this evolution and hold the blocks, locks, and keys in the way.

What can you do to embrace and support your divine embodiment and evolution? LOVE is infiltrating and penetrating all layers to restore a higher peace, love, awareness, and unity to this planet. Will you join LOVE in upgrading the templates, narratives, and framework for all life here? Will you liberate yourself? Will you work with your body and help it to free you of the past? You will feel the new levels of bliss and potential activating and online for new creations as you move through the old. You are the only one that can do it for you! I wish you many blessings and breakthroughs as we enter easter season. You are no stranger to death and resurrection. Open yourself to the possibilities…🦋💜


Innovating Your Myth

January is almost gone, but in many ways it feels as if it started after the new moon on the 21st. We have been experiencing intense episodes of light anchoring on the planet, that create surges of lower frequency energy to be integrated. As the past rises to be processed, it often distorts the way we interpret and experience our present circumstances, and induces fatigue or purging symptoms in the body. We are clearing layers of fear, outdated beliefs, and trauma-responses from our subconscious personally, collectively, and globally. This will show up as old circumstances and issues resurfacing, that allow us to recognize the repetition and the cycle, to then shift patterns with awareness and a willingness to change our contribution and our story.

When there is a build up of many inner conflicts, repressed feelings, misunderstandings, and attachments to things misaligned with our divine purpose, we are met with life-altering experiences, loss, and changes in direction that gift us with new perception points and openings to build and rise again. This is not punishment, but an energetic balancing and guidance system that keeps us on track. We are here with soul support and service that we can consciously connect to for assistance in our journey. The Earth is in a realignment phase too, clearing her decks to secure a new foundation of creation that honors her star origin and birthright. She has held the weight of all bloody pursuits, appetites, and damages on her soil, but she will experience freedom, structural changes, and restoration. Much was created and depleted on earth without consideration of a harmonious balance. Life explored all directions in form as part of descending and ascending cycles of energy in time. In the descending age, the inherent innocence and love of creation was forgotten, creating many hardships and conflicts. As we ascend, innocence is being reclaimed and restored via wisdom through experience. Those that have traversed their own darkness, carry the light that is inextinguishable and available to all in their darkest night. Lightbearers have been incarnated many times in dark ages, and held the torch of truth to light the way for others as they face their own exploration of shadow. Truth has taken many shapes in various cultures to help people relate and understand their own reflection and connection to life. As we move into a new age, there are variations needed to address where we are now. Outdated stories, with limited and literal applications, will not speak to what is possible in a higher frequency field of existence.

These upgrades are part of forging new templates of experience that honor the ascending direction of creation. During centuries of dominating patriarchal preferences and mindsets, certain archetypes and narratives were formed and repeatedly donned. `They vary a little according to the place and time, but collective agreements were set as to what is a man, a woman, a hero, a leader, a saint, a martyr, a teacher, a guru, and so on. New energies call for new roles, and new stories, templates, and possibilities are in the birthing canal now. With the acceleration of accessible ideas, communication, and information, the landscape and language has drastically changed. In response, fear has risen as a companion to uncertainty while we dangle on a new edge. We must remember we are not separate from life, from creation, or from innovation.  We are designed for the ride we are taking, equipped to change and adapt as part of our nature. We have held onto patterns and structures out of sync with our evolution, and as they die or face reform, so must antiquated ideas, modes, and models.

Are our stories and shared inspirations elevating us and speaking to our higher nature? Do they call better qualities forward, or remind us of our lower standards and appetites? Ancient people understood their connection to life and death, and the symbolic nature of physical expression. Everything is a manifestation of the sacred; beliefs, words, and gestures hold power, and should be appropriated consciously and reverently. Everything has an energy signature in creation. Selectivity is not about censorship or judgment as much as it is about right use of power and creational responsibility. If we look at the majority of content expressed on the internet or in our entertainment networks, are we surprised at the rise in violence, lack of empathy, exaggerated sexuality, consumerism, and depression experienced in large segments of the population?

It is obvious our artistic and spiritual cultures have changed. How we accept information and consider its influence in our lives has too. Most are taking in large amounts of data and stimuli unchallenged regularly. Technology is streaming frequencies, ideas, and scripts ongoing. Most people choose information platforms that are in agreement with their own perceptions and experiences. This helps them feel secure and validated, even when they are encouraged to be at odds with an “other.” Belonging to one side and rallying against an “other” helps us to feel right/validated, included, and special. If there are deficits from childhood in such feelings, this is especially appealing and hard to resist. Because we are conditional beings, our early experiences, impressions, longings, and wounds will determine where we fall in the group category. Our preferences in “parties” are more unconsciously patterned than we would like to think. We inherit and are hardwired with many concepts and attitudes that don’t originate with us. These preferences feel natural but it is because we are imprinted with energy formatively and carry predispositions in thought and feeling that we justify and cater our intake to ongoing to stabilize ourselves. These limited aspects of our nature are like blindspots, allowing us to be overly confident and rigid in our positions, while being manipulated in a large way.

Consider that television, film, and social media, having access to large groups of people, is a successful tool in entraining them to certain ideologies and ideas about life. People unknowingly contribute their energy to co-create movements, industries, and the agenda’s of others, even when–ESPECIALLY when they furiously attack it. Reactively opposing something is still accepting and validating it as truth on some level. Many people built empires from the fear, hatred, and objection of others historically. Fear is an energy that feeds a certain kind of being, and bad press is still far-reaching and lucrative press to many.

Is this the energy we want to continue feeding and moving forward with? We see the results in the world, and we maintain them with our refusal to take personal inventory and responsibility for our choices. Maintaining concepts like “savior,” delays personal accountability and action that is necessary to turn the tide. “Loving thy neighbor as thyself” was not an edict meant for a special few.  It was not simply a moral commandment, but the truth of the energetic reality that we live in. As more progress is made in navigating the quantum field, we will increasingly accept and understand oneness as the underlying truth of our existence. We will recognize our ability to attract according to our energy signature, and accept our part when we receive reflections we dislike. We will truly experience the result of our words and gestures, and learn to be empowered by this responsibility instead of afraid. When we see something we don’t like in the mirror, we will wield compassion and forgiveness understanding the true wages of judgment and war.


We are being called to consider the collective myths, archetypes, and stereotypes that we are contributing to, and to address our own mythology on a personal level. Are we repeating roles that lead to destructive and degenerative ends, or are we becoming vessels of change and potential? Are we speaking love and hope into our future? Are we demonstrating joy, passion, and a reverence for life? Are we teaching our children inclusivity, consideration, reciprocity, and kindness toward all forms? Do we realize our children grow and express themselves according to the standards and efforts we’ve set and met in love? Children do not grow up in a vacuum, they will always show their parents, their culture, their society, and their country what they are being inflicted and imprinted with in their behavior. We must move on from the idea of a few “bad apples” and recognize our frustrated efforts, our unhealed pain, our unexpressed truths, and our perceived failures in them. Everything is a manifestation and reflection of the energy it holds, and things don’t evolve accidentally. We have spent much time in denial, but we won’t change what we refuse to acknowledge. All suppressed energy on Earth is being addressed in a planetary ascension cycle.

As I recalled bad apple, it brought to mind the proverbial apple that is responsible for many distortions in thought and belief today. If we go back to a primary creation myth illustrating our fall in consciousness, we can see how women were cast to be “justifiably” mistreated and mistrusted in Eve leading Adam into temptation in the garden. There were variations of this story, but the suppression and subdual of women and the feminine principle of creation, resulted with effects long-lasting. The apple symbolized duality and the experience of life divided. Church doctrine further emphasized that certain types of knowledge and its pursuit were dangerous and damnable. This of course allowed them to be the authority on what was appropriate, creating an imbalance in power that is very much active today in most systems of authority. Flesh/matter was deemed sinful, splitting individuals against themselves. What remains fundamentally severed in belief, is then unwilling and afraid to seek restitution in the whole. It is so consumed with its own wickedness or that of “others,” that it fails to take into account the abuses of power at the earthly helm. If one takes the time to consider the contradictions in many belief systems and their enforcers, it easily falls apart. However, early imprinting tied to threat and persecution ensured a hardwired fear and refusal to question such matters was handed down ancestrally and physically. Mandating literal and historical interpretations of ancient texts, coupled with punitive enforcement dimmed the larger population from appreciating and experiencing allegorical wisdom and ecstatic mystery. Spirit was cleaved, compartmentalized, and magic removed from the mundane. We are still musing over an apple thousands of years ago, and missing the giant Apple that is pulling everyone into a manufactured playground of solicitation and propagation.

Technology,  like knowledge is not good or evil. It is the application of it that creates effects and results with karmic residue and influence. I find it interesting that the largest and wealthiest tech company in the world is named Apple. Although Apple has brought many innovations, conveniences, and expansions, it has come with a heavy price–comforts and advancements that rest on the backs of the slavery and suffering of those mining and assembling its parts. This only ensures that progress remains tainted and serving a divisive, avaricious, and downgrading agenda. Disempowerment and subservience are disguised as progressive and heroic in the new corporate ideology. In a unified field of reality, we can no longer deny what is connecting to and through us in the palm of our hands. Every man and woman is responsible for their realm. There is no excuse for ignorance, no escape from the energetic ramifications. We are held to our creations and their resounding repercussions. We must all learn to wield our power with wisdom, compassion, and integrity in consideration of the whole and world of which we are an integral part. We can re-write and re-purpose our tools, symbols, and stories to elevate and integrate all those devalued and dismissed in segregation and exploitation. Their suffering is the foundational core of the industries they bear, and it’s time we stop compromising what is priceless in life. The apple is ready to be reclaimed and recognized as a source of sweet love and nourishment. Stories and symbols have always helped us make sense and meaning of realities that were hard to accept and endure, but what if we reconstruct them to inspire and advance our highest nature and potential instead? We know where we’ve been, it’s time we become what is needed to get where we want to go.


We will have to be willing to let go of all we relied on before in fear, familiarity, and comfort, realizing they are prisons of perception and experience that keep us small and devoid of our destiny. We must also be patient. Addressing these larger issues in the world takes time. We waste energy and circumvent the problem in attacking and blaming others; we are not here to fix or save others from their karmic responsibilities and destinies. We can utilize our gifts and time to address what is presenting inside ourselves and in our immediate realm of influence. We can embody what love is calling for us to express. This is our greatest gift to life and all in it. If we don’t know who we are, and if we aren’t connected and empowered from the inside, we can’t conceive of our own legend or brand in service to life and its higher design. Everything in the way exists inside us. It is in facing our fears and activating our true love in their stead that propels us into our best position possible. Old myths called for slaying dragons and demons, but in the higher frequencies we are now in, I have found that what we fight we resist and empower, allowing it to remain in our story. My greatest triumphs have come from applying love and forgiveness to my shadows, which led to their dissolution and disempowerment entirely. Any shadows that remained lost their effectiveness to manipulate and influence, once I accepted them and acknowledged them as retired parts of me that came online to protect, serve, or defend me in some way. As we own and dismantle these energies in ourselves, and commit to new pathways of experience and behavior, we will see our efforts reflected in the world around us. As I write this today, I feel new voices and opportunities rising inside awaiting their expression in form. I am with them in the dreamtime too, learning, planting, and aligning. I know it is not something to be rushed, but savored. We will have the steps appear as we are ready. Aquarius has landed with an endless field of possibility, if you haven’t already, take the time to consider a new pathway that is opening before you. I would love to hear about what is coming alive and attainable in creation through you. 💞

A New Year, A New You in Divine Assurance


Whether our external circumstances reflect it right now or not, we have come a long way. We have all been in a karmic rendering and balancing. This is a necessary process in creation, one of a transmutation of energy that allows us to shift into and embody a higher frequency potential. There are misconceptions about karma being a function of celestial reward and punishment, but it is merely the byproduct of our creations, choices, and actions that allow us to experience, know, and grow through ourselves in form. We are now being called to remember our true nature in the higher realms. We are each individualized expressions of the one love energizing all life. Our greatest power lies in the recognition and restoration of this wisdom. It allows us to embody more of our creative ability and influence. When we align with the supreme force of the universe, our innovative potential and capacity are strengthened and amplified. In order to restore this powerful response-ability, however, we must tame and reclaim our lower identities, and master the proper use of life force. When we truly see that everything has an energy signature and effect, we will better select, manage, and regulate our thoughts, emotions, and choices, knowing they all create and influence outcomes and manifestations in reality.

Divine templates of creation have been successfully restored and secured on earth for the next phase of evolution. We continue to receive influxes and increases in divine codes, frequencies, and physical upgrades with the earth to facilitate the shift. Ascension is not only an elevation in consciousness, it is also physical transfiguration. This is a natural organic experience that causes physical symptoms in the body. The old way of perceiving mutation in the body, sees these changes as periods of illness that imply nature or our genetics harmed and damaged us in ways that are condemning and sometimes irreversible. An industry has been corrupted to manage and profit off of illness, encouraging a mindset of dependency and disempowerment in health. In truth, our body is a divine technology reflecting and expressing the result of our energetic, creative, and karmic repository for this incarnation. Our bodies are intelligent, each cell and system a network of vast wisdom, vitality, and tireless operations relating and harmonizing us in the world. Our bodies hold the density of our experiences that we are still working through, and what we often see as illness is part of a messaging and balancing system that informs, protects, and helps us process what is ready to be understood, acknowledged, or transformed allowing for a new awareness and experience. We are spirit expressing through matter. Everything in life is sacred, is spiritual, and an opportunity to expand. We have mistakingly believed we were separate from source, and then taught to compartmentalize our spirituality to be localized in a building, on a Sunday, or only in the presence of a deemed enlightened or endowed leader. In truth we are our own saviors, capable and responsible for our connection and restoration to the one will and love underlying all. Everything we do matters and is representative of who we are in love or illusion.

Love is reclaiming all in creation on earth that strayed in misperception. As divine children we were granted freedom to grow and create according to our various desires. We were allowed to explore distortions in belief. We were allowed to experience love in its contradictions and absence. We created prisons for ourselves, and a karmic residue of emotional suffering that we are addressing in this shift. We are now collectively in a time of great awakening and remembering.

Around the middle of December leading up to the winter solstice, I started anchoring the frequencies of 2023. I was hit with a new sense of elation, celebration, and possibility. I felt myself energized with clarity, soaring high through my day. I felt I could climb a building or Mt Everest effortlessly. I was filled with a freedom and confidence indescribable, and overcome with a knowing that all is truly well, our highest trajectory and alignment secured. I am calling 2023 the year of “Divine Assurance.” This assurance will rise through the self, via our restored connection to source-as-self. We will come to believe in our validity, trust ourselves, and express ourselves with a new authenticity and authority that dispels illusion and distraction with more ease. We will know our power lies within ourselves and our maintenance of high frequency stability in the face of physical expressions rearranging and changing. We will increasingly experience our influence in our realities, and focus less on the things that are not ours to interfere with or assist. We will better identify and understand the fragmentation and manipulation of our energy, and extract ourselves from the situations and beliefs of disempowerment and delusion. We will see more of our inner work and changes bear fruit in form.

Assurance comes with patience. It comes from knowing our strengths, our abilities, and our dependability through many trials and circumstances. We learn and gain trust in the midst of challenges. We see who shows up, who can be counted on, who remains. We perceive our own measures of courage and integrity. Any discrepancies, energy blocks, and obstacles can only be addressed when we step to them. We are not ascending our reality by escaping it. Every thought, feeling, belief, expression, and misaligned/misperceived/misunderstood energy must be processed and integrated into the higher truth. Lower frequency expressions are reclaimed and restored into the higher whole, and as a higher frequency set point is reached, higher aspects of self are accessible and available. We are only perceiving and experiencing separation from the blocks and distortions we are holding and maintaining in density and belief. These energies are processed over time, in a course set for us by our soul. We are intimately involved in every aspect of our life and experience; we are creating it, while being overseen and supported by our higher soul aspects in living it. When we begin to see everything as a manifestation of love, and everything in our reality as a reflection of love or its wayward distortions inside us, we will recognize ourselves as the true terrain of transformation and possibility in our lives.

Assurance comes from grounding into our bodies, our lives, and into the earth. It is our loving presence that restores form. Bringing unconditional love, the light and force of the universe, to every aspect of our body and life is what transforms it. We restore feeling and awareness in our bodies through love, helping them become the divine vessels of intuition and magical creation intended. We are not meant to live in our minds. We are here to have a divinely embodied experience. Our disconnected minds operate through fear, familiarity, and old programming. As we bring more light into our body and system we awaken senses that enable us to better discern the energies we encounter and engage. We can feel truth, feel love, and alternatively we can feel deception and any attempts made to manipulate, deplete, or misuse our energy. To honor our proper course in life, it is paramount that we connect to our soul guidance to navigate us in the days ahead. As the outdated manifestations in form destabilize and destruct, and as emissaries of greed and separation attempt to elude and distract others to hold onto their positions of power in the old reality, a deeper stability in source-as-self is vital. What you focus on, believe in, and energize in time, money, and attention, you are helping create and maintain in your reality. What you speak, relate, and choose is an act of creative responsibility and influence. Your life is your creation, to be lived lovingly, passionately, curiously, authentically, unapologetically. In 2023, divine assurance is owning it.

Once our lives are owned and loved, once we are able to love and forgive ourselves and others unconditionally in recognition our true identity in love, we are able to detach personally from the lower frequency distortions, patterns, and programs that surface. We are able observe and address them as they pertain to us, and leave others to their divine process and ability in resolving their own. We allow ourselves to feel everything with love, compassion, and acceptance. We know feelings and thoughts are transitory in nature. They are fuel and inspiration in experience and creation. They can be explored and manipulated, adopted and discarded at will. We are the field of love that they move through, and they provide a framework and foundation that we grow and create through. Whatever our lives were up until now, is gone except in the way it imprinted us in thought and feeling. To move to a new frequency bandwidth of creation and experience, we are processing all held in residue that is in the way. Living with divine assurance, is knowing and trusting that this is part of an organic process intrinsic to our nature. 2023 calls for faith and commitment to our divine guidance, vision, and connection above all else. We are not carrying separation forward, but honoring the spirit in all things and delighting in our ability to demonstrate what’s possible in love.

Where are you being called to remember more of your identity in love? Where are you ready to release old stories and attachments that have kept you confined, ashamed, and disempowered? Are you writing your own story and determining your path forward from your inner guidance, or are you still co-creating according to someone else’s narrative, outdated beliefs, or societal pressures? What would it be like to live without a story at all? To meet people exactly where they are now, without preconceived ideas rooted in gossip, without assumptions or defenses, without blame or needing anything from them?  Can you meet and love yourself exactly where you are, knowing your timing and process is perfect for you? We are pressuring ourselves from ideas about where we should or could be, most often from thoughts and feelings imprinted in us that have nothing to do with who we are becoming authentically in this lifetime. These are being surrendered into your higher truth for your true nature in love to emerge. In the beginning we are afraid of this love. We have spent centuries convinced otherwise, and at times were persecuted and punished for expressing it. Give yourself a gentle space to let the fears unravel knowing love is at the core.

2023 will help us recognize our magic. We live with miracles and magic ongoing in even the most basic functions of life that we take for granted. Our eyes were dulled when our minds were yoked and programmed with fear. Our sight and perception is a matter of belief and perspective; if you believe you are in a world of limitation and sin, you will interpret and experience it accordingly. We were living with these blinders in the third dimensional earth, interpreting our reality through a past rooted in fear, trauma, and survival. Many thought systems were created out of this mind set, and all old earth systems functioned from these perversions and limitations. Love is the higher operating system and energy of creation and our world. What we experience as unloving conditions and situations indicate where truth is hidden and distorted. We were all born into these dense distortions. Some us knew truth but silenced ourselves when we saw it pummeled and disregarded in the world. It is time to stand for truth. Forgive those who cannot see yet, those that attack you cannot see beyond their pain narrative or feel you. They may not remember now, but they will soon enough. Take heart and let your changes and efforts be enough. People can only communicate from where they are in their own understanding, and can only see and love you to the extent they offer it to themselves.

2023 is about knowing your truth, honoring your wisdom for your path forward, and not giving your power away to someone because they are a so-called expert. Open your hearts, open your minds, and open to your highest possibilities for yourself in the new year. The earth has a higher frequency bandwidth available for you to get there. Our progress in understanding the quantum field and nature of reality, will help us validate scientifically, what we know is true in our hearts spiritually. We are bridging the gap of many polarities at this time, seeing a unified harmony and whole that does not need to enforce absolute truths through division and contradictions. Everything has added to the beauty and richness of life. Embrace the paradoxical nature and mystery of life and of yourself. Let yourself be. Let yourself love. Let yourself be new.

Wishing you a peaceful, joyous, and prosperous new year rooted in divine assurance!🤩💞🎉


The GRACE Reset


Sound the trumpets! We are out of Scorpio season. 👻😝 I am not prone to dramatizing things, but we have definitely been in a chrysalis of chaos at times. Scorpio brings us to our emotional edges, depths, and shadows. It reminds us of the forces of death and transformation that are necessary functions of life. As the leaves change color and prepare their descent, we enter a darkening period ourselves. If we can sit with ourselves and recognize our own haunts, and their corresponding reflections playing out around us, we are better able to manage the ride.

We have been seeing, processing, and integrating all energies that are in the way of us embodying our highest truth and inherent worth. As we continue to anchor the higher frequency light codes and energies inundating the planet, we reclaim and restore the higher aspects of ourselves.  New earth creation is about divine flow and alignment. We learn to honor and prioritize our inner reality, knowing that it is our energy configuration within that determines and influences the physical circumstances in our external. As higher expressions of ourselves become available to our operating system, the lower identities and illusions that are contrary or obsolete are absorbed. I witnessed this in great detail in a dream facilitating a changing of the guard. To close out this karmic cycle, I was advised on the feminine relationships and functions that are not appropriate for the next phase. Closing the relationships was only one part; the most imperative was seeing and retiring the role I play in the dynamic. I am the creator of my story after all.

To start, I was brought to actively witness a feminine aspect of myself in relationship in vivid detail. She was very sweet and loving,  but withheld a lot personally, often to the point of detriment. I was shown that the imbalances for her in relationship, due to over accommodation, people pleasing, and peace-keeping, were mutually destructive to both sides. I felt her loving intent, but saw its aim was mostly outward, failing to include herself. I recognized that the unbalanced giving and focus, came from a distortion and deficit inside her that drew the unhealthy “takers” as an energetic by-product. I understood why the relationships were not valued or appreciated properly, and why it actually harmed the “takers” that seemingly benefitted, because in truth they were not able to grow or experience themselves arriving at their own result. Neither side got ahead, felt truly loved or seen, or was able to shift the dynamic.

The old female aspect was perceived as weak, but allowed herself to be used knowingly to mediate peaceful outcomes. She did this often because she saw the bigger picture and sacrificed personal gain and truth for a group harmony. She learned this early in life, and came to only rely on herself. I was brought to a battleground clearing and saw this female dressed and weaponized in armor to defend her position in charge. I waited in trepidation because I knew this was a last stand. She wanted me there to watch, to witness, and to honor her in my life.  I obliged her with a pit in my stomach knowing the end before the beginning. I really KNEW her, and remembered her many efforts and encounters. I was grateful for the time she served. With a little remorse, I looked to the other side of the clearing and watched her contestant arrive, younger, bolder, and slightly colder. As I took the newcomer in, I noticed she was as wise as her predecessor, but less pliable. She met me with a gaze that let me know she was firm in who she was and that she had boundaries. She did not need to be liked, but she would be respected in the way she respected others. There was also a vast love in her, but one tempered with discernment. She was not there to be a doormat. She was there to be valued along with her time and effort. She was generous, but not interested in stepping into any situation that was not for her, no matter how dire. She saw imbalances in exchanges as disrespect to each’s divine ability and process. She was committed and determined to honor her divine guidance above all.

I immediately understood how and why this aspect of myself was coming in. It was a natural outcome of the work I had done to embrace my truth in the light. I watched with sadness the battle that ensued. There was a part of me that did not need a fight at all, but my older, softer aspect wanted it. She knew she was retiring home, and she wanted to make a statement of her own worth since she had often given it away. The battle was long and bloody. I cried as I watched it but I could not turn away. My older self really put up a fight! I could not help but admire her, and if I’d had any doubts about her strength before, they completely dissipated in that dramatic display. I think that was the point. She helped me appraise and acknowledge all that I had accomplished with her. It didn’t matter what anyone else thought or took from the encounters, I KNEW better. I grew and held important wisdoms and sentiments as a result, despite any lack of physical or traditional evidence of “success.” They battled in a ring, on a cliff, and in water. Both faces bloodied and set with determination and respect for each other. When it ended, both cried and held each other tight for my older aspect to be placed at a pyre of recognition. As my new feminine operating principle took her place, all that was before in spirit and wisdom, was included and incorporated into her crown of authority. I woke feeling more complete in myself, and at peace with what it took to get here.


We are transforming ongoing in response to the changing energies and circumstances on earth and in the universe. This month saw an eclipse cycle, and in ancient times eclipses were harbingers of great changes and resets in life. The stars and planets align in various ways that help us experience shifts and expansion. Stars and planets grow and go through changes too. We are part of their cosmic dance, influencing, reflecting, and affecting each other in love and wonder ongoing. If we are attentive and mindful of our connections to the natural forces of creation, many shifts occur in our awareness to help guide us further on our paths of destiny. When we are unconscious of our divine connection and guidance, we are sometimes steered physically in extreme ways. This is not to punish, but to clear the decks of any misaligned and karmic debris that has accrued over time. We are never left here without divine connection, guidance, purpose, options, or potential. We are being freed from our inner prisons crafted with illusion and stagnation in thought and emotion.


Even though much in the world appears to be contrary to divine will at this time, all creation is subject to the principles of divine law, order, and timing. What is out of divine in alignment and service to the true nature of reality is being purged, processed, and integrated into a higher frequency bandwidth of LOVE. This is happening on multiple levels and layers of ourselves, the collective fields we are in, the earth, the universe, and so on. November held a space for us to shed old beliefs and identities in thought, to reach new personal depths emotionally from clearing attachments and residue from old experiences, and to receive guidance on a core wound influencing us in the way we value and express ourselves.


The message of a suppressed wound in me surfaced around Thanksgiving via poor communication and connection with parts of my family. A brief encounter, allowed me to observe my body respond stressfully, despite my mental neutrality. I was able to clear the older energy that was not appropriate for now, and address the underlying thoughts and beliefs tied to old perceptions of abandonment and rejection. I had a series of dreams through out the week to show me past events and dynamics that were being processed. I continue to work with my self lovingly and patiently, recognizing how long this energy has been in my system, how many unhealthy experiences I had with other people based on these settings, and how much it impacted the way I felt and treated myself as a result.for many years.

New insights lead to new choices, new commitments, new actions, and new habits. Old misperceptions were formed and imprinted over time, therefore the shifts and any corresponding beneficial results will bloom and be reinforced the same way. We address things cyclically in layers, in a timing that is optimal and unique to us.

Overall, I have spent this holiday in so much gratitude for all that is awakening and returning to me. It is a relief to know we need only go within to find our best path forward. It was exhausting to attempt to manage and control reality through external means. Thanksgiving helped me get to the basics. It helped me fortify my foundation with truth and love that honors where I am NOW. The simplest truths are the most powerful, and they are all verified in the heart. As I continually choose to release attachments to all expectations, people, circumstances, and beliefs that create confusion, dissension, or diminishment in me, I am left with peace. I am filled with a knowing that there is so much more beyond our parameters of perception. I am affirmed that there is nothing to fear, that this unknown is a part of us too. I am reassured that everything we are seeking or thinking we are “going”to, is already here. I release the attachments to what any of this looks like, needs to be, or what I think I should be doing. Another dream showed me I am already “there,” and that the new earth is a vibrational reality we are being, maintaining, and creating from inside. I can let the past go, and release the contraptions of the mind. I am most effective when I simply let myself live from my authentic state of being. We spend so much time searching, comparing, and striving that we often forget to seek our own counsel, satisfaction, and direction. We bury our joy under masks and obligations, and are often the first to betray ourselves. As things slow down into darkness, explore and celebrate yourself with the same enthusiasm you bring to whatever it is that you cherish in the world. You are also many layers, wonders, adventures, and possibilities existing in many dimensions of reality. Embrace all that grace is resetting in your life, your psyche, your relationships, and your path.

I hope winter arrives finding you curious, soulful yet playful, loose in your grasp, and light in your heart. 💜 🦋








Managing Multidimensionality

October has been a wild ride! 👻 As we continue to be entrained into the higher frequency rhythms of the earth, we are integrating mental and emotional constructs faster than we are often consciously aware. Our minds can actually get in the way of the process if we try to figure everything out. Our bodies are intelligent vehicles of divine technology that are designed to adapt and transform in life. There are times where surrender, trust, and rest are vital ingredients in the path forward. Our bodies need time to adjust to the shifts occurring inside and out. There are processes that the body utilizes to purge and transmute energy. We often mistake them for symptoms of illness, but they are assisting us in an evolutionary mutation.

One of the highlights of my October was traveling to Overland Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri. While there I visited a farmstead and came upon an enchanted forest. I thought this was symbolic of the journey we are all taking into shadow for the rest of the year. Ready or not, regardless of whether one recognizes the road, we have all been thrust forward.

In an enchanted forest all is not as it seems. What brightly shines can contain the spark of false light; what is promised can wither when attained. Eyes that are drawn to dazzle or are weary from fear, can be easily mislead. Here it is the weight and wisdom of the heart that knows the way. If the heart is contracted in fear, it will also contract in progress. But if the heart is open to feeling, accepting, and acknowledging what is truly present, it will remember what is real and trustworthy on the path home. In an enchanted forest, it is possible to see what lies in the shadows. When one knows deception is a part of the landscape, one can finally engage in the pursuit of truth. It takes a willingness to be wrong, to be responsible, to be capable, to be pliable. The structures of the path can flip and be obstructed in a moment’s time, and require us to create and move forward in a completely new fashion. Knowing yourself and your heart’s truth is your most precious commodity to get through. All that glitters, and gathers in numbers is not gold. Choose wisely, and know the tree for the fruit it bears.

We are awakening to our multidimensional nature in the higher frequencies. As we embrace and integrate our shadow aspects, we shift the denser energies in our bodies. As veils of perception dissolve, we expand our view and light quotient in the body. We become more aware of our various consciousness states and incarnations in other realities. We experience ourselves more influential in our external reality. Life responds to our thoughts and expressions with increased immediacy and accuracy. As we become cognizant of all of the functions, existences, and aspects we are running simultaneously, it encourages us to be more mindful of the energies we consume or entertain. Everything in life connects, affects, and reflects. We realize that managing multidimensionality is actually maintained more through embodiment than the mind.

In truth, everything has an energy signature. Thoughts are creative and frequential in nature. To help illustrate our creative complexity, I received a tutorial from my snail in my aquarium. I had this tank for years, but while I was in the publishing process of my book, my snail spontaneously began giving birth to multiple babies.

I watched in curiosity and awe. Nothing had changed in the tank, but as I was in my creative process working on my manuscript and marketing texts, the creative spark struck my snail. There were so many! I began perceiving the connection, and was shown that we are always creating. Every creation that we set forth has a life span, purpose, and process of its own timing. When we focus too much on forcing or controlling an outcome with one of our creations, we actually limit it and ourselves in capacity and potential. The nature of creation and life is abundance. Not all creations are viable or meant to last past a certain function. Some are helping us grow more than what they will bring to others. As I watched the tank explode in population, I also saw it cleaned and managed more sufficiently. All of the babies contributed to that result, so one was not more important than the other. I let go of worrying about having to fix any part of it, because I realized we are functioning in many aspects of reality the same way.

What has become increasingly most important in managing creation and multidimensionality is FLOW. Being in alignment with divine flow and rhythm is key. From a state of surrendering mental projections and expectations, one can simply relax into the body, the heart, and life itself. There is a knowing inside that is not rooted in the mind. We are actually existing inside an energy field of our higher nature, and continuously guided and assisted on our journey. The body knows what is exciting, alarming, or exhausting. The heart knows what is joyful and warming, or what causes restriction and dread. As we slow down and ground into the heart and body to acknowledge the wisdom in our divine design, we connect to a flow that carries us to the experiences in line with our path. From a state of flow, we attract what we need, as a perfect match for what we are becoming. We don’t have to chase or force, or try to fit or fix what we think we are supposed to have. In truth we are always attracting, creating, experiencing, and expressing what is perfect for us in each moment. We are shown when adjustments and choices are necessary for growth. We are led instinctively through our own shadows to expand in our capacity to embody our light.


Winter is coming. America is revealing and healing what has been suppressed and distorted in the dark of her underbelly. All of her children have an opportunity to honor the principles of freedom, and the ideals of the pursuit of happiness, imagined in her conception. We are in a phase of foundational reconstruction. We can no longer shirk integrity and responsibility by turning a blind eye, closed heart, or ignorant mind to the obvious fallings and criminal actions that have become synonymous with the word politician. New foundations call for new leadership. Solutions won’t come from the pools of polarity and familiarity.

America is being reborn. She is rising from the ashes of the old systems with wings fortified by the visions and sentiments in our hearts. We are either creating and birthing something that moves us all forward, or we are clinging to illusions from the past and taking poisoned candy from strangers in the enchanted forest. What was, is no more. What was, can never be. Life itself supports freedom and expansion. The earth and America are universally supported in their restoration and elevation in the higher frequencies of their divine blueprint.


Life finds a way to bloom, to succeed, to reclaim what is lost. Have faith in its ability to respond with innovation and fortitude. You are connected to these qualities and abilities yourself. There’s nothing in life that is foreign or separate from you. Know that what ever surfaces in the enchanted forest, is something that you are ready to acknowledge and dispel with your heart’s light. Your heart knows the truth and the way. Take care of your heart and don’t let fear compromise your discernment. LOVE is always the answer and the space to hold yourself in while you go through these changes. Love is more than a feeling or philosophy, it’s a high-level frequency that uplifts, unites, absolves, and transforms all.

Want to hear about my adventures in the enchanted forest? I share some in my new book, True Love Not Like in The Movies.  You can purchase it through this site, or on Amazon and B&N in a digital format. I would love to hear from you about any time you spent in the proverbial dark forest. Leave a comment and let’s start a conversation;)


A September To Remember

September brought challenges, deep insights, and transitions for those committed to their process. Breakdowns led to breakthroughs when approached with acceptance and a willingness to remain open. Some breakdowns seemed simply mechanical and a test of adaptability and willingness to surrender. I had to repair my new dryer for the third time in 2 months, and was back at the laundry-mat with bags of clothes. Despite the inconvenience and costliness of these events, I experienced myself able to deal with these frustrations easily. I had encounters with people while there, that let me know my trips were more than about clean clothes. When things don’t go as planned, it is important we trust the way we are re-routed. If I have learned anything this month, it is that we are meant to let go of things easier. Our attachments and expectations in people and circumstances, are often barriers and limitations to what is beneficently possible. When we can trust our process, allowing for starts and stops to be necessary aspects, we can come into our highest alignment more harmoniously.

Another challenging breakdown for me, involved this website. For the last 3 weeks I have been unable to enter as an author or visitor from any of my home devices.  I asked for help, but intuitively knew the block truly existed inside me. I was also denied the ability to download my last video to the land on my YouTube channel after hours spent attempting it the way I had accomplished it previously. It was time again to surrender to the forces at play, and to explore what was inside me blocking my channels of expression.

What came up for acknowledgment and emotional processing, was early wounding and suppressed energies and beliefs related to being unloved and devalued. These energies were definitely older that this lifetime, and at the core of many relationship misunderstandings and traumas. This started in an argument I had with my husband. It was a resurgence of an old pattern between us, and as it occurred I was able to see that he was locked into a loop of seeing it a certain way, based on his sense of abandonment and lack of love. There was real pain there and I could not disrupt it with explaining my position. I too experienced a loop that I held. I observed myself, experiencing so much pain from not being understood, not feeling loved, and not feeling that my words mattered. There was an aching for connection paired with a belief I could never have what I wanted based on years of my perceptions and experiences in relationships. I was able to see how my sensitivity and defensive posture literally pushed people away, and was interpreted as coldness and meanness.

In the peak of awareness and intensity, I removed myself and went to make a formal surrender. I sat in a room crying out, and felt the depths of sorrow and frustration pour through me. I closed my eyes, and that’s when I saw and felt a line of ancestors behind me. With the my grandmother’s hand on my shoulder I wailed. She too had a woman behind her holding her, and this pattern went on as far as my mind’s eye could see. With their heads down, they witnessed in solemnity, offering me support. I could feel their recognition and gratitude, and I was inundated with their scenarios and troubles holding this line. It was then I realized I was here to break it. After allowing it to run its course, I thanked them and spoke my intentions to shift the patterns for our lineage in all directions. Once calm I went back to my husband, and held space for him to vent. Once he felt heard, I placed my hand lovingly on his head and allowed touch and surrender to do its magic. We both fell silent, and fell asleep holding each other. Before I drifted, I called in the energy clearings and intentions for the next phase of my experience.

When we woke, we both had more clarity. We were able to see our loops and apologized for our parts. I explained to him my time with the ancestors and saw the light dawn in him. As hard as it was, we put away our hurts and chose to surrender to love. We moved through this with a mastery we were unable to achieve prior. I was actually so proud of us, and knew we sent a ripple freeing many in congested lines of suffering and sorrow. We shifted a well trodden path of human disfunction, and our children will relate with greater ease and understanding. About an hour after I woke, my body felt this shift physicalized with a new lightness and peace that spread throughout. I dissolved the lower frequency pattern and energy into a higher frequency set point, and embodied more of my light.  What we are actually experiencing is the result of energy mechanics, shifts, and management. While in a denser physical reality, we can’t perceive all the processes at play. So much happens at a speed and level that our minds and eyes can’t perceive or comprehend. Again, we do much better when we learn to let go. Let go of needing to know, control, or figure things out. We are part of an intelligent network of operation that supports and responds to what we need and are aligned to do at any given moment. Trust in the power to transform and shift any state! Energy is always in motion, and change is guaranteed.

In addition to this generational clearing, I was then led to surrender relationships that were not in alignment with who I am now. Surrendering does not mean there is no love for the person/s in question, it means that despite the love I feel, I have to choose and honor myself by surrounding myself with those capable of reciprocating love in return. When people grow in different directions, they are not meant to keep each other from their chosen paths. We are meant to connect to the things in alignment with us, and to disconnect with them when they are no longer a fit. Sometimes people can’t see or relate to each other because of distortions from their own wounding. We can let go with love and forgiveness, without guilt or shame. Everyone is responsible for their own path.  Leaving these situations helped me to clear energy I held for these people that wasn’t mine. It helped me to release judgments and projections about myself that are not true. It helped me to feel the suppressed pain of loss, abandonment, sorrow, and betrayal from past encounters. It helped me to acknowledge the anger and unexpressed words left hanging in my throat and head, without hurtfully unloading them on another. I held a space for myself to heal, and decided the energies I wanted to create and relate from in the future. As I processed these burdens to allow them to integrate, there were tokens of love every step of the way. I had hearts at my feet, in my litter boxes, in a tiny leaf that fell from a book, in my dog’s rear end, and on and on…🤣

Love was there holding me, encouraging me, and reminding me of its presence in ALL circumstances. As I followed my guidance and committed to clearing and shifting my energy through the hardest times, I was met with a new opportunity for growth. Old doors of experience, identity, and limitation closed, and new perceptions and an inner expansiveness arrived. The space you make inside yourself and your life from clearing out what no longer serves you, is what allows you to take on a new higher ground of operation. We are releasing the denser aspects accrued from our past and inherited from previous generations, and embodying more of our soul’s light. The light doesn’t need to attach or hold onto the past. The light knows the power is in the present. As I maintained my effort and met my challenges as LOVE, I was rewarded with the match in frequency. This is the nature of the energy mechanics earlier referenced. We receive according to the energy that we embody or give. It is why changing yourself, changes what you attract, changes your life. It doesn’t have to be chased down in the external reality. Once I shifted the energies and beliefs in the way, I received a personal call from the IT manager on my site and the matter was resolved within minutes. I had been in communications for weeks online, with many unsuccessful attempts and efforts. It was effortlessly handled once the energy INSIDE me was transformed.

This transformation is ongoing. We are continuously called to remember our true nature, to believe  in ourselves,  and to actualize what we know as our higher path. This requires trust in the unknown at times, and confronting our fear.  Our fear takes many shapes and forms inside and out. Sometimes they are the warning thoughts that haunt us, sometimes they are the nightmares from previous traumatic events, and sometimes they are the criticisms and judgments spoken to us through people in the outer reality. When you begin to realize that everything is a reflection of some aspect of you, you can approach and perceive encounters less offensively, to observe and discern what is ready to be addressed inside. This is the way to empower yourself in a mirror reality, to becoming more effective in what you set out to experience or accomplish. Everything has a unique sense of timing. Trust you will engage with things as you are ready. We are meant to have periods of rest and celebration too.


September has encouraged me to challenge the ways I diminish and silence my needs and accomplishments. There are deeper core beliefs and patterns I am still unraveling. I am learning to talk about myself, and put myself out there more. Every part of the publishing and marketing process has forced me to confront and transform blocks inside me. Each step gets easier, if I stay with the task at hand and allow myself to enjoy the moment offered. Each step gets me further up the hill. I just have to remember to take breaks and turn around to take stock of where I am in regards to where I started. Our work and passions are meant to be pleasurable. This was the main message communicated to me during my equinox celebration at Fontainebleau State Park. Life is a celebration of creation! As I made offerings to the various life forms there, I was reminded of our kinship and the need to unite in joyful endeavors.


September also brought showers that looked like flowers, and flooding that ensures water will uproot the earth’s suppressed densities. As above so below. The Earth is in her transformative process too.

We are all in the process of discarding our old shells, and learning to function with a new sensitivity and vulnerability that encourages healthy boundaries over heart walls and sharp edges. We are stepping into a new frequency terrain, where who we are inside, and who we choose to BE, carries far more weight than who we were sired from and what we stand to gain financially as a result. Knowing and honoring your true self, and acting in alignment with this truth in spite of the many forms of fear surfacing, is your best foot forward coming into October. When your mind is filled with doubt, let your heart lead the way.

Believe in your goodness, inspire it in others, and let LOVE handle the rest. Honor the times your body and heart need restoration. LOVE will not leave you behind. You are LOVE!

I would love to hear about your September! I am still working out a few kinks in the technology, but at least now the energy is letting me try. I invite you to join the conversation on my blog, and to  check out my story in True Love Not Like in the Movies. I go deeper into my times in the mirror there. Happy Fall! 🐛🦋🦃🍁🌾




Living From the Heart

August has been an intense month, ushering in many high frequency influxes of energy that require periods of rest and calm to ground in the body. For me, it has been my connection to nature that has been most helpful. I am always able to feel supported and expansive when I am outside, bare feet planted on the ground or floating in a large body of water. Salt water has been best, and I bathe with epsom salt blends almost daily . It is becoming apparent that things are changing at a rapid pace. I was visited by a feminine higher dimensional aspect of myself in a dream, precipitating the August windows of transformation. In the dream I laid on the earth to receive energy and codes through my body. I shook, spoke, and filled with the light she placed in me, and through me it anchored into the land. She made a point to connect eyes with me in understanding and recognition, and I knew she was me in a non-physicalized realm. She was solid white in skin and hair except for her violet eyes. Her eyes were actual storms, and I saw capsizing seas, wind flinging rain, and lightning active in them. I had recently had experiences with lightning, and felt it inside my body, shifting and rearranging my circuitry. I understood storms to be cleansing and upgrading agencies for the Earth’s changes. The Earth has a body with regulatory processes and cycles as we do. I knew from this encounter that an acceleration of change was imminent and that we were going to be getting these  increases steadily. Two days later, the first wave moved through me and was birthed on this plane. I have had these episodes before, but it has been almost ongoing ever since.

These energy dispensations are evidenced in the increase in storm events in places that don’t normally have extreme disruption from flooding or wind damage. In the body, many will experience these periods as panic or anxiety attacks. Heart palpitations, exhaustion, heat sensations, tingling, and other odd calibrating sensations can occur too. All of life on earth is undergoing a frequency upgrade, and this is a physical.evolution as much as it is an expansion of consciousness. Everything that is out of balance and alignment with divine order and design, will be in a process of divine restoration and integration. Old ways of limitation and distortion are absorbed into the higher attributes of love, unity, sovereignty, and conscious creation. We are remembering and embodying our higher nature, and all that has been separate, suppressed, distorted, and unresolved is being addressed and made whole. On the surface it appears chaotic and destructive, but it is a NECESSARY rendering that serves the purpose and function of a cosmic organic cycle of life.

Storms are necessary in life, to carry away what is no longer viable, and to allow for new growth. We are inherently connected to all of life and these processes, there is nothing to fear. We are exiting an age of time ruled by the mind, where the masculine energy was dominant and in excess. This is not about gender, as both genders contain the masculine and feminine energies of creation. Imbalances in these internal aspects have been reflected in the external reality, in the mistreatment and misogynistic practices established and commonplace in the world that place females and feminine qualities in an inferior position.. As we shift into the higher frequency bandwidth, our feminine energies will be restored and brought into its proper position. We will shift into living from the heart, which is our first organ of intelligence in the body. The heart regulates wellness, and communicates with all systems, including our connection between the higher and lower realms. The feminine is associated with the heart, and our reconnection to our feminine, naturally reconnects us to a heart-felt and heart-led life of feeling, passion, and unlimited possibility in creation.

In a system primarily operating from logic, reason, and order, feelings are less important and desirable, and doing is preferred over being. Shifts in energy will destabilize these preferences and patterns, and make them less productive than they were in the lower frequency, slower, denser, reality. Structures that were once seemingly stable, will give way to openness and uncertainty. The long-term view is replaced with the present moment, and feelings guide the currents of energy for creation, instead of old organized ways of doing things in the past. What was known and valued by the mind as true and reliable in comparison to others, is replaced with what makes the heart sing, what is intuitively guided, and what elicits joy in the moment.

This is a very different way of navigating, but the heart remembers. The heart knows how to love and accept life as it unfolds. It knows it is connected to everything, and creates in the realm of possibility instead of in consideration of fears from the past.


The heart delights in creation and what is good for all. This love is best illustrated in a mother’s unconditional love for her child. A fiercely loving feminine energy is rising. She remembers and loves all forms of life, knowing it is through love and forgiveness that all will be brought to unity and  wholeness. She has been held under the weight of distorted narratives, shame, guilt, and fearful projections. She comes not in fear, but in a burning compassionate love, and she will bring her acceptance and nurturance to the darkest places of the earth to reclaim what never truly lost or forgotten.

As she has come through me, she has said that the age of prophecy is over. What was seen and predicted in a descending period of time is not appropriate for NOW. In an ascending age, we are to remember that all is possible in creation, in the higher frequencies. Miracles are a natural occurrence. We are discouraged from lending our creative power and emotions to fear-based doom outcomes that are unnecessary and unviable in higher realms. The feminine understands the power of holding space. Holding space for the highest vision and outcome, and energizing them with high frequency feelings like joy, peace, and abundance, are not naive or refusing to see the problems. Holding space and exclusively supporting higher outcomes is a higher level of service. Managing your energy to refrain from the dramas and dying systems, is mastery. We are not here to attend to the downfall, we are here to birth and facilitate the uprising. The womb of creation holds unlimited potential, and the new earth won’t be physicalized with the older limited left-brained structures and patterns. New frequencies require new patterns and forms. The feminine holds the place and potential. The masculine will bring new structures and implementation accordingly. They work complimentary to each other in collaboration. We have not seen this large scale on the earth in our lifetimes.

The elevated feminine has returned to her place. Open to her, allow her to comfort you, to guide you. She will call on you to honor your heart’s wisdom for the days ahead. Feel life again. Notice the glory of the moment. Dance, sing, create with wild abandon. Move forward in integrity, and in love and consideration of yourself and others. You must commit to what’s truly loving for yourself. You will feel what is not for you increasingly as days go on. Connect to Mother Earth and acknowledge her generosity and support. You are loved exactly as you are; whatever you have forgotten, a mother remembers. Be gentle. Be free. Be joyful. Be present. Just BE.



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All in a Day’s Walk


As the energies surge forward, I was called to visit my favorite land near home today. If you don’t have a spot in nature near you that feels like an old friend, a warm bath, or a welcome home vibe, I highly recommend you get out your front door and find one!  We are going through many changes together, and there is medicine for both sides in an encounter.

I immediately felt excitement from the area when I entered. There is always a deep love and recognition exchanged, for the things that have stayed the same, and for those that have changed since we last connected. It felt good to be reUNITED. Every time I go, I wonder why I don’t give myself this treat more. I went weekly for over a year, several years ago, and went through major transformations while being held and supported by that land. Beings from the property reach out from time to time, and have continued to hold space and healing for me in my times of need. Today was no different. As I started my walk, I was reminded of the mirror nature of reality.

Everything we experience in the physical, is a manifestation of the energy signature we ARE inside. Changes inside, initiate and correlate to changes in the exterior. Being self-aware and self-directed are the most efficient ways to navigate ourselves during great external shifts and instability. The Earth is going through an increase in frequency and vibration, which will pull all life forms with her into a higher bandwidth of experience and expression. An evolution of energy is an evolution of physicality. There is no separation. As I began a conversation with the earth beings around me, I was encouraged to remember this seamless connection, and to share this with others. We are made of earth and star, and no resources are off limits to us if we are open.

My heart started with a desire to connect to the water. In the times, that I’ve experienced surges of higher frequency energy moving through me, it has often felt like being or swimming in a liquid reality. Quantum physics is finally recognizing that we exist in an ocean of energy, and that separation is the illusion. This energy is TRUE LOVE. Both LOVE and water are primary ingredients and agencies of life and healing. It brings me joy to sing praises and prayers to the waters that sustain me inside and out. As I began, I was surrounded by schools of tiny fish, leaps and flips from larger species, and was blessed with a soaring eagle that dove twice in front of me. The water is always ready to engage and wash away any long-held burdens that are brought to their shores.


For centuries, various cultures honored water and other earth elements for their life-giving properties and ongoing generosity. Efforts were made to take care, stay in balance, and give thanks to these agents of life on Earth. One of my favorite gestures, is the Algonquin Water song. There are videos on YouTube that talk about this song, and the history of women’s roles as water protectors and carries of water. I will share a short segment from today. This song is catchy, feel free to jazz it up and offer it to your home lands in any way your heart desires. It is something that will enrich and connect you to the forces that already exist inside you. When we all sing and care for the waters inside us and the earth in unison, we will see shifts we never considered possible.

Water Song 8/1



As I finished at the water and made my way to the forest, I was surrounded by dragonflies signaling a new path and squirrels delightfully scrounging for acorns. I noticed they brought the same excitement to work and play, and there was an invitation to anchor more joy into all that I was engaging in, in life. We absolutely must remember joy is an essential inherent ingredient in creation. It doesn’t mean we will always feel it, but we have a right to choose it as a foundational element and building block in everything we do here. Living from our joy, creating from our joy, sharing our joy, and expressing gratitude for the joy in our lives is enough. This will continue to inspire diverse expressions and directions, but imagine what life will look like when growth through joy replaces growth through suffering in the human population. It is a dream I give my imagination permission to wander in often.

What we dream, we often call into existence in some way. Why not focus on things that uplift circumstances for ALL?

My trip ended visiting two of my favorite tree folk. One is the oldest live oak in the city. I affectionately call her Grandma because of the way she feels in her embrace. Her trunk has a maturity about it, and her branches are massive in height. They all delicately touch down and create a beautiful enclosure that feels like a cozy shelter. Her roots facing the road are worn down into a shelf or altar space. Thats how I often use that space, sending prayers and offerings to the land and all its inhabitants. She is the place everyone goes to for weddings, picnics, and photo opportunities. There is an endless love and support in her, that draws experiences to her matching her in likeness. She reminded me of this today. That it is time for humanity to understand the weight and power of their thoughts, feelings, and actions. When all three align in integrity, and when giving and receiving are acknowledged and balanced in their relationship with the world, the physical circumstances to reflect this harmony will be met. We too, draw experiences and relationships to us according to our nature and efforts. Are we consciously aware of and gracious to all that we are given? We are supported and connected to everything in life, always. Grandmother has a womb opening that runs deep into the earth. The space she holds for love and togetherness in the park is immeasurable and irreplaceable.


I was then invited to a neighboring tree that is at the center of a vortex of energy on the property. All trees affected by this inner earth opening and vortex are twisted in appearance. The tree appears dead, but there is strong energy flowing through it. Today it felt as if there was an intense pillar, with a strong vertical direction and flow. I make offerings here too, and delight in how deceptive external appearances can be. This tree definitely stands out in the park, and is an energy that is quite complementary to the neighboring oaks.


In every encounter, my energy was shifted, uplifted, replenished, and upgraded in some way. There is so much wisdom in the nature. If we clear our minds and simply open ourselves to our surroundings; there is so much medicine to help us ground the changes we are experiencing. I was guided to walk back to my car in the middle of the road. As I did so, I heard “In the middle of the road, one can truly see how it all comes together. From the middle of the road, it is easier to LOVE it ALL.” I know we are all pressured to be pulled into sides or extremes at times, but my greatest leaps of healing, understanding, and relief have come from surrendering a side and allowing myself to see from a higher view where they exist together. In duality there appears to be winners and losers, good and bad, right and wrong. In unity, however, tragedy and loss for another is directly connected to and reflected in the beholder. The middle road knows we do this together. Not all in the same way or timing of course, but we are stronger and more effective in the ways and endeavors where we unite.

Our journeys necessitate solitude at times, to discern our true voice and determine our guidance. We are meant to follow our authentic path, but we are strengthened and complimented through our collaborations. My wish for you is that you find your path. You find the  peace and wisdom gained from taking the middle road when you can. It is good to see the truth in diversity. It enriches your experience too. In the spirit of this, I share my story in my book, “True Love Not Like in the Movies.” I would love to connect with you about my story and hear about yours. What are the ways your life is touched by nature and the energies around you? Where do you see yourself standing in the road?







What Dreams May Come

In the light of July’s full moon, we are being asked what energies we want to move forward with for the next phase of our journey. If we aren’t accustomed to connecting with our heart or spirit to ask questions about our experience, or to discern a path that honors our truth or joy, we are most likely feeling dragged through life. In times of great change, there is external instability and confusion. Without an internal anchor point or compass, it is tempting to cling to other people’s solutions, ideas, and narratives. In truth, it is the worst thing you can do. Stability and safety do not exist in outer circumstances. Joy and happiness don’t dwell there either.

True joy and happiness are your inherent state when you are living from your authentic nature, purpose, and connection to the source of life. You can’t find this in another, it only comes from exploring what lies within you. Your outer circumstances reflect to you the energy you hold, the work you are here to fulfill, the aspects of yourself that still need love. We learn a great deal from each other, and we are here to create, grow, heal, and learn together. In truth there is only one divine intelligence animating all life here,  but your role and purpose in this tapestry of life is unique to you. You are here to lovingly experience and express it!

We are living in a time where all of life on Earth is being restored to its alignment with divine will. We are experiencing massive light and frequency upgrades. This is an act of love and expansion. You are an integral part of its design, whether you remember your connection or not. Fear and its lower frequency culprits are being processed, purified, and integrated. There are no limits in love and creation, no dreams that cannot manifest to elevate life on Earth. NOW is the time to envision an abundant, loving, prosperous time for the Earth and all of her children. It is not only possible but certain that ALL THRIVE in the higher frequency bandwidth of life. To get there, we must first initiate our commitment to our self mastery and divine restoration.  We then can unite with others that remember their true nature and creative power. Standing united, fully empowered and embodied in our light, we are unstoppable.

You are connected to everything. You are never lost or separate. Life is always speaking to you. You are always being shown and offered opportunities to progress on your path. This time is no different. This time offers great leaps in what is possible for you. Do you know yourself, your desires, your needs, your destiny? If you have been scattering your energy in many outer dramas and obligations without prioritizing yourself, you probably don’t know yet. It’s ok. There are many ways to find your way home. Start now. Ask your heart. Life is showing you what you’ve outgrown. Life is showing you what is harmful to your body, your psyche, your family, your spirit. You have a choice. You can work with the forces of heaven in stepping into your destiny. You are encouraged to DREAM. Dream without limits or practical considerations first. Feel what your soul is calling for and imagine it for awhile. Allow life to assist you in letting go of all the people, circumstances, thoughts, fears, beliefs, and wounds that are in the way of achieving it. It is a process that starts like anything else–one step.

If it seems impossible now that’s ok. If you need to scream for all of the struggles it took to get to this moment, DO it. There will be actions necessary. There will be old wounds and hurts that need a voice. FEEL it fully. It is often the only way to move through the energies for a new experience. New dreams require new thoughts, new emotions, new actions.

Nature is filled with outbursts and expressions. Destruction and creation are intertwined in expansion. I came across this cypress knee that made me think of Munch’s classic painting “The Scream.” I laughed because it felt like the plants and trees were feeling it too. They can’t help but feel it, because there is no separation.

I cannot walk your path, but I can share mine to help you remember. We can offer each other support, inspiration, encouragement, and a space for transformation. In TRUE LOVE, Not like in the Movies, I make this offer. The path of LOVE is uncomfortable at first because it challenges so much of what you were taught and conditioned with in fear. You are not alone. This journey is backed by the will and force of the creator. Will you join me in taking your first step? The only time is NOW…

I would love to hear from you. Until then, choose wisely and treat kindly. 🙏😘✌️💜💞



Embracing True Love

As tensions in the collective reality seem to rise, it is increasingly important that everyone give themselves a space of kindness and gentleness to sift through what is showing up inside themselves as a response. Embracing your true love is owning, loving, and mastering all the thoughts, emotions, and wounded aspects that surface inside of you. The sooner humanity understands that their creative power and freedom come from initiating changes and harmony within, the sooner we will see shifts in the greater external reality shared by all. How can you activate and express more of the true love inside you? Join me to embark on your path of true love and find out!

Where are you settling for less? Where are you compromising your joy? Your heart? Such compromises, compromise your soul embodiment and your feelings of safety and harmony in the world. Most of us were not taught or encouraged to live from the heart, and have accepted conditions and a pace of existence that adopted such compromises as normal, necessary ingredients to achieve and maintain a successful life. Most continue to ignore the costs that these compromises inflict on the health and well-being of all life on the planet. Most are taught to assign blame on outer agencies or influences; taught to feel victimized by forces beyond their control or by bad people competing with them to survive in a harsh reality. 

Such teachings reinforce beliefs in disempowerment and helplessness, and promote dependency on an outside source or savior. This has allowed a smaller few to do well at the expense of others. The time has come for every man, woman, and child to reclaim their birthright and creative capabilities, a time for all to remember their true nature as love. This is not love in the romantic or distorted sense we have been taught, but the unifying LOVE that is the life-force inside all. This love is creative, intelligent, unconditional, and unlimited. This love is inclusive, expressive, expansive, and encompassing. In it all things exist, all things are known, all things are home. Nothing stands against it successfully over time, it waits patiently to be recognized and reclaimed. Once this love is reclaimed, all of its resources are available, all resolutions possible. We are living in the time of the Earth’s greatest love story! Love is rising and setting right what has been in separation, darkness, and distortion for so long. Lovers are being called to initiate their true love stories. Will you join love in restoring yourself and your reality to embrace the life you are meant to live; a life filled with joy, a life that celebrates and honors you for the gifts only you are here to express? You are being called to choose love, and to choose according to your highest good at this time, this is good for others not at their expense. You will have to walk away from what you know in your heart elicits harm to yourself or others, it sounds easy but it is seldom comfortable to take an untrodden path or to change what has been a long-standing habit and pattern . If you have found this message and have stayed with me to this point, consider this a formal invitation. Will you heed the call?