A New Year, A New You in Divine Assurance


Whether our external circumstances reflect it right now or not, we have come a long way. We have all been in a karmic rendering and balancing. This is a necessary process in creation, one of a transmutation of energy that allows us to shift into and embody a higher frequency potential. There are misconceptions about karma being a function of celestial reward and punishment, but it is merely the byproduct of our creations, choices, and actions that allow us to experience, know, and grow through ourselves in form. We are now being called to remember our true nature in the higher realms. We are each individualized expressions of the one love energizing all life. Our greatest power lies in the recognition and restoration of this wisdom. It allows us to embody more of our creative ability and influence. When we align with the supreme force of the universe, our innovative potential and capacity are strengthened and amplified. In order to restore this powerful response-ability, however, we must tame and reclaim our lower identities, and master the proper use of life force. When we truly see that everything has an energy signature and effect, we will better select, manage, and regulate our thoughts, emotions, and choices, knowing they all create and influence outcomes and manifestations in reality.

Divine templates of creation have been successfully restored and secured on earth for the next phase of evolution. We continue to receive influxes and increases in divine codes, frequencies, and physical upgrades with the earth to facilitate the shift. Ascension is not only an elevation in consciousness, it is also physical transfiguration. This is a natural organic experience that causes physical symptoms in the body. The old way of perceiving mutation in the body, sees these changes as periods of illness that imply nature or our genetics harmed and damaged us in ways that are condemning and sometimes irreversible. An industry has been corrupted to manage and profit off of illness, encouraging a mindset of dependency and disempowerment in health. In truth, our body is a divine technology reflecting and expressing the result of our energetic, creative, and karmic repository for this incarnation. Our bodies are intelligent, each cell and system a network of vast wisdom, vitality, and tireless operations relating and harmonizing us in the world. Our bodies hold the density of our experiences that we are still working through, and what we often see as illness is part of a messaging and balancing system that informs, protects, and helps us process what is ready to be understood, acknowledged, or transformed allowing for a new awareness and experience. We are spirit expressing through matter. Everything in life is sacred, is spiritual, and an opportunity to expand. We have mistakingly believed we were separate from source, and then taught to compartmentalize our spirituality to be localized in a building, on a Sunday, or only in the presence of a deemed enlightened or endowed leader. In truth we are our own saviors, capable and responsible for our connection and restoration to the one will and love underlying all. Everything we do matters and is representative of who we are in love or illusion.

Love is reclaiming all in creation on earth that strayed in misperception. As divine children we were granted freedom to grow and create according to our various desires. We were allowed to explore distortions in belief. We were allowed to experience love in its contradictions and absence. We created prisons for ourselves, and a karmic residue of emotional suffering that we are addressing in this shift. We are now collectively in a time of great awakening and remembering.

Around the middle of December leading up to the winter solstice, I started anchoring the frequencies of 2023. I was hit with a new sense of elation, celebration, and possibility. I felt myself energized with clarity, soaring high through my day. I felt I could climb a building or Mt Everest effortlessly. I was filled with a freedom and confidence indescribable, and overcome with a knowing that all is truly well, our highest trajectory and alignment secured. I am calling 2023 the year of “Divine Assurance.” This assurance will rise through the self, via our restored connection to source-as-self. We will come to believe in our validity, trust ourselves, and express ourselves with a new authenticity and authority that dispels illusion and distraction with more ease. We will know our power lies within ourselves and our maintenance of high frequency stability in the face of physical expressions rearranging and changing. We will increasingly experience our influence in our realities, and focus less on the things that are not ours to interfere with or assist. We will better identify and understand the fragmentation and manipulation of our energy, and extract ourselves from the situations and beliefs of disempowerment and delusion. We will see more of our inner work and changes bear fruit in form.

Assurance comes with patience. It comes from knowing our strengths, our abilities, and our dependability through many trials and circumstances. We learn and gain trust in the midst of challenges. We see who shows up, who can be counted on, who remains. We perceive our own measures of courage and integrity. Any discrepancies, energy blocks, and obstacles can only be addressed when we step to them. We are not ascending our reality by escaping it. Every thought, feeling, belief, expression, and misaligned/misperceived/misunderstood energy must be processed and integrated into the higher truth. Lower frequency expressions are reclaimed and restored into the higher whole, and as a higher frequency set point is reached, higher aspects of self are accessible and available. We are only perceiving and experiencing separation from the blocks and distortions we are holding and maintaining in density and belief. These energies are processed over time, in a course set for us by our soul. We are intimately involved in every aspect of our life and experience; we are creating it, while being overseen and supported by our higher soul aspects in living it. When we begin to see everything as a manifestation of love, and everything in our reality as a reflection of love or its wayward distortions inside us, we will recognize ourselves as the true terrain of transformation and possibility in our lives.

Assurance comes from grounding into our bodies, our lives, and into the earth. It is our loving presence that restores form. Bringing unconditional love, the light and force of the universe, to every aspect of our body and life is what transforms it. We restore feeling and awareness in our bodies through love, helping them become the divine vessels of intuition and magical creation intended. We are not meant to live in our minds. We are here to have a divinely embodied experience. Our disconnected minds operate through fear, familiarity, and old programming. As we bring more light into our body and system we awaken senses that enable us to better discern the energies we encounter and engage. We can feel truth, feel love, and alternatively we can feel deception and any attempts made to manipulate, deplete, or misuse our energy. To honor our proper course in life, it is paramount that we connect to our soul guidance to navigate us in the days ahead. As the outdated manifestations in form destabilize and destruct, and as emissaries of greed and separation attempt to elude and distract others to hold onto their positions of power in the old reality, a deeper stability in source-as-self is vital. What you focus on, believe in, and energize in time, money, and attention, you are helping create and maintain in your reality. What you speak, relate, and choose is an act of creative responsibility and influence. Your life is your creation, to be lived lovingly, passionately, curiously, authentically, unapologetically. In 2023, divine assurance is owning it.

Once our lives are owned and loved, once we are able to love and forgive ourselves and others unconditionally in recognition our true identity in love, we are able to detach personally from the lower frequency distortions, patterns, and programs that surface. We are able observe and address them as they pertain to us, and leave others to their divine process and ability in resolving their own. We allow ourselves to feel everything with love, compassion, and acceptance. We know feelings and thoughts are transitory in nature. They are fuel and inspiration in experience and creation. They can be explored and manipulated, adopted and discarded at will. We are the field of love that they move through, and they provide a framework and foundation that we grow and create through. Whatever our lives were up until now, is gone except in the way it imprinted us in thought and feeling. To move to a new frequency bandwidth of creation and experience, we are processing all held in residue that is in the way. Living with divine assurance, is knowing and trusting that this is part of an organic process intrinsic to our nature. 2023 calls for faith and commitment to our divine guidance, vision, and connection above all else. We are not carrying separation forward, but honoring the spirit in all things and delighting in our ability to demonstrate what’s possible in love.

Where are you being called to remember more of your identity in love? Where are you ready to release old stories and attachments that have kept you confined, ashamed, and disempowered? Are you writing your own story and determining your path forward from your inner guidance, or are you still co-creating according to someone else’s narrative, outdated beliefs, or societal pressures? What would it be like to live without a story at all? To meet people exactly where they are now, without preconceived ideas rooted in gossip, without assumptions or defenses, without blame or needing anything from them?  Can you meet and love yourself exactly where you are, knowing your timing and process is perfect for you? We are pressuring ourselves from ideas about where we should or could be, most often from thoughts and feelings imprinted in us that have nothing to do with who we are becoming authentically in this lifetime. These are being surrendered into your higher truth for your true nature in love to emerge. In the beginning we are afraid of this love. We have spent centuries convinced otherwise, and at times were persecuted and punished for expressing it. Give yourself a gentle space to let the fears unravel knowing love is at the core.

2023 will help us recognize our magic. We live with miracles and magic ongoing in even the most basic functions of life that we take for granted. Our eyes were dulled when our minds were yoked and programmed with fear. Our sight and perception is a matter of belief and perspective; if you believe you are in a world of limitation and sin, you will interpret and experience it accordingly. We were living with these blinders in the third dimensional earth, interpreting our reality through a past rooted in fear, trauma, and survival. Many thought systems were created out of this mind set, and all old earth systems functioned from these perversions and limitations. Love is the higher operating system and energy of creation and our world. What we experience as unloving conditions and situations indicate where truth is hidden and distorted. We were all born into these dense distortions. Some us knew truth but silenced ourselves when we saw it pummeled and disregarded in the world. It is time to stand for truth. Forgive those who cannot see yet, those that attack you cannot see beyond their pain narrative or feel you. They may not remember now, but they will soon enough. Take heart and let your changes and efforts be enough. People can only communicate from where they are in their own understanding, and can only see and love you to the extent they offer it to themselves.

2023 is about knowing your truth, honoring your wisdom for your path forward, and not giving your power away to someone because they are a so-called expert. Open your hearts, open your minds, and open to your highest possibilities for yourself in the new year. The earth has a higher frequency bandwidth available for you to get there. Our progress in understanding the quantum field and nature of reality, will help us validate scientifically, what we know is true in our hearts spiritually. We are bridging the gap of many polarities at this time, seeing a unified harmony and whole that does not need to enforce absolute truths through division and contradictions. Everything has added to the beauty and richness of life. Embrace the paradoxical nature and mystery of life and of yourself. Let yourself be. Let yourself love. Let yourself be new.

Wishing you a peaceful, joyous, and prosperous new year rooted in divine assurance!🤩💞🎉


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