Innovating Your Myth

January is almost gone, but in many ways it feels as if it started after the new moon on the 21st. We have been experiencing intense episodes of light anchoring on the planet, that create surges of lower frequency energy to be integrated. As the past rises to be processed, it often distorts the way we interpret and experience our present circumstances, and induces fatigue or purging symptoms in the body. We are clearing layers of fear, outdated beliefs, and trauma-responses from our subconscious personally, collectively, and globally. This will show up as old circumstances and issues resurfacing, that allow us to recognize the repetition and the cycle, to then shift patterns with awareness and a willingness to change our contribution and our story.

When there is a build up of many inner conflicts, repressed feelings, misunderstandings, and attachments to things misaligned with our divine purpose, we are met with life-altering experiences, loss, and changes in direction that gift us with new perception points and openings to build and rise again. This is not punishment, but an energetic balancing and guidance system that keeps us on track. We are here with soul support and service that we can consciously connect to for assistance in our journey. The Earth is in a realignment phase too, clearing her decks to secure a new foundation of creation that honors her star origin and birthright. She has held the weight of all bloody pursuits, appetites, and damages on her soil, but she will experience freedom, structural changes, and restoration. Much was created and depleted on earth without consideration of a harmonious balance. Life explored all directions in form as part of descending and ascending cycles of energy in time. In the descending age, the inherent innocence and love of creation was forgotten, creating many hardships and conflicts. As we ascend, innocence is being reclaimed and restored via wisdom through experience. Those that have traversed their own darkness, carry the light that is inextinguishable and available to all in their darkest night. Lightbearers have been incarnated many times in dark ages, and held the torch of truth to light the way for others as they face their own exploration of shadow. Truth has taken many shapes in various cultures to help people relate and understand their own reflection and connection to life. As we move into a new age, there are variations needed to address where we are now. Outdated stories, with limited and literal applications, will not speak to what is possible in a higher frequency field of existence.

These upgrades are part of forging new templates of experience that honor the ascending direction of creation. During centuries of dominating patriarchal preferences and mindsets, certain archetypes and narratives were formed and repeatedly donned. `They vary a little according to the place and time, but collective agreements were set as to what is a man, a woman, a hero, a leader, a saint, a martyr, a teacher, a guru, and so on. New energies call for new roles, and new stories, templates, and possibilities are in the birthing canal now. With the acceleration of accessible ideas, communication, and information, the landscape and language has drastically changed. In response, fear has risen as a companion to uncertainty while we dangle on a new edge. We must remember we are not separate from life, from creation, or from innovation.  We are designed for the ride we are taking, equipped to change and adapt as part of our nature. We have held onto patterns and structures out of sync with our evolution, and as they die or face reform, so must antiquated ideas, modes, and models.

Are our stories and shared inspirations elevating us and speaking to our higher nature? Do they call better qualities forward, or remind us of our lower standards and appetites? Ancient people understood their connection to life and death, and the symbolic nature of physical expression. Everything is a manifestation of the sacred; beliefs, words, and gestures hold power, and should be appropriated consciously and reverently. Everything has an energy signature in creation. Selectivity is not about censorship or judgment as much as it is about right use of power and creational responsibility. If we look at the majority of content expressed on the internet or in our entertainment networks, are we surprised at the rise in violence, lack of empathy, exaggerated sexuality, consumerism, and depression experienced in large segments of the population?

It is obvious our artistic and spiritual cultures have changed. How we accept information and consider its influence in our lives has too. Most are taking in large amounts of data and stimuli unchallenged regularly. Technology is streaming frequencies, ideas, and scripts ongoing. Most people choose information platforms that are in agreement with their own perceptions and experiences. This helps them feel secure and validated, even when they are encouraged to be at odds with an “other.” Belonging to one side and rallying against an “other” helps us to feel right/validated, included, and special. If there are deficits from childhood in such feelings, this is especially appealing and hard to resist. Because we are conditional beings, our early experiences, impressions, longings, and wounds will determine where we fall in the group category. Our preferences in “parties” are more unconsciously patterned than we would like to think. We inherit and are hardwired with many concepts and attitudes that don’t originate with us. These preferences feel natural but it is because we are imprinted with energy formatively and carry predispositions in thought and feeling that we justify and cater our intake to ongoing to stabilize ourselves. These limited aspects of our nature are like blindspots, allowing us to be overly confident and rigid in our positions, while being manipulated in a large way.

Consider that television, film, and social media, having access to large groups of people, is a successful tool in entraining them to certain ideologies and ideas about life. People unknowingly contribute their energy to co-create movements, industries, and the agenda’s of others, even when–ESPECIALLY when they furiously attack it. Reactively opposing something is still accepting and validating it as truth on some level. Many people built empires from the fear, hatred, and objection of others historically. Fear is an energy that feeds a certain kind of being, and bad press is still far-reaching and lucrative press to many.

Is this the energy we want to continue feeding and moving forward with? We see the results in the world, and we maintain them with our refusal to take personal inventory and responsibility for our choices. Maintaining concepts like “savior,” delays personal accountability and action that is necessary to turn the tide. “Loving thy neighbor as thyself” was not an edict meant for a special few.  It was not simply a moral commandment, but the truth of the energetic reality that we live in. As more progress is made in navigating the quantum field, we will increasingly accept and understand oneness as the underlying truth of our existence. We will recognize our ability to attract according to our energy signature, and accept our part when we receive reflections we dislike. We will truly experience the result of our words and gestures, and learn to be empowered by this responsibility instead of afraid. When we see something we don’t like in the mirror, we will wield compassion and forgiveness understanding the true wages of judgment and war.


We are being called to consider the collective myths, archetypes, and stereotypes that we are contributing to, and to address our own mythology on a personal level. Are we repeating roles that lead to destructive and degenerative ends, or are we becoming vessels of change and potential? Are we speaking love and hope into our future? Are we demonstrating joy, passion, and a reverence for life? Are we teaching our children inclusivity, consideration, reciprocity, and kindness toward all forms? Do we realize our children grow and express themselves according to the standards and efforts we’ve set and met in love? Children do not grow up in a vacuum, they will always show their parents, their culture, their society, and their country what they are being inflicted and imprinted with in their behavior. We must move on from the idea of a few “bad apples” and recognize our frustrated efforts, our unhealed pain, our unexpressed truths, and our perceived failures in them. Everything is a manifestation and reflection of the energy it holds, and things don’t evolve accidentally. We have spent much time in denial, but we won’t change what we refuse to acknowledge. All suppressed energy on Earth is being addressed in a planetary ascension cycle.

As I recalled bad apple, it brought to mind the proverbial apple that is responsible for many distortions in thought and belief today. If we go back to a primary creation myth illustrating our fall in consciousness, we can see how women were cast to be “justifiably” mistreated and mistrusted in Eve leading Adam into temptation in the garden. There were variations of this story, but the suppression and subdual of women and the feminine principle of creation, resulted with effects long-lasting. The apple symbolized duality and the experience of life divided. Church doctrine further emphasized that certain types of knowledge and its pursuit were dangerous and damnable. This of course allowed them to be the authority on what was appropriate, creating an imbalance in power that is very much active today in most systems of authority. Flesh/matter was deemed sinful, splitting individuals against themselves. What remains fundamentally severed in belief, is then unwilling and afraid to seek restitution in the whole. It is so consumed with its own wickedness or that of “others,” that it fails to take into account the abuses of power at the earthly helm. If one takes the time to consider the contradictions in many belief systems and their enforcers, it easily falls apart. However, early imprinting tied to threat and persecution ensured a hardwired fear and refusal to question such matters was handed down ancestrally and physically. Mandating literal and historical interpretations of ancient texts, coupled with punitive enforcement dimmed the larger population from appreciating and experiencing allegorical wisdom and ecstatic mystery. Spirit was cleaved, compartmentalized, and magic removed from the mundane. We are still musing over an apple thousands of years ago, and missing the giant Apple that is pulling everyone into a manufactured playground of solicitation and propagation.

Technology,  like knowledge is not good or evil. It is the application of it that creates effects and results with karmic residue and influence. I find it interesting that the largest and wealthiest tech company in the world is named Apple. Although Apple has brought many innovations, conveniences, and expansions, it has come with a heavy price–comforts and advancements that rest on the backs of the slavery and suffering of those mining and assembling its parts. This only ensures that progress remains tainted and serving a divisive, avaricious, and downgrading agenda. Disempowerment and subservience are disguised as progressive and heroic in the new corporate ideology. In a unified field of reality, we can no longer deny what is connecting to and through us in the palm of our hands. Every man and woman is responsible for their realm. There is no excuse for ignorance, no escape from the energetic ramifications. We are held to our creations and their resounding repercussions. We must all learn to wield our power with wisdom, compassion, and integrity in consideration of the whole and world of which we are an integral part. We can re-write and re-purpose our tools, symbols, and stories to elevate and integrate all those devalued and dismissed in segregation and exploitation. Their suffering is the foundational core of the industries they bear, and it’s time we stop compromising what is priceless in life. The apple is ready to be reclaimed and recognized as a source of sweet love and nourishment. Stories and symbols have always helped us make sense and meaning of realities that were hard to accept and endure, but what if we reconstruct them to inspire and advance our highest nature and potential instead? We know where we’ve been, it’s time we become what is needed to get where we want to go.


We will have to be willing to let go of all we relied on before in fear, familiarity, and comfort, realizing they are prisons of perception and experience that keep us small and devoid of our destiny. We must also be patient. Addressing these larger issues in the world takes time. We waste energy and circumvent the problem in attacking and blaming others; we are not here to fix or save others from their karmic responsibilities and destinies. We can utilize our gifts and time to address what is presenting inside ourselves and in our immediate realm of influence. We can embody what love is calling for us to express. This is our greatest gift to life and all in it. If we don’t know who we are, and if we aren’t connected and empowered from the inside, we can’t conceive of our own legend or brand in service to life and its higher design. Everything in the way exists inside us. It is in facing our fears and activating our true love in their stead that propels us into our best position possible. Old myths called for slaying dragons and demons, but in the higher frequencies we are now in, I have found that what we fight we resist and empower, allowing it to remain in our story. My greatest triumphs have come from applying love and forgiveness to my shadows, which led to their dissolution and disempowerment entirely. Any shadows that remained lost their effectiveness to manipulate and influence, once I accepted them and acknowledged them as retired parts of me that came online to protect, serve, or defend me in some way. As we own and dismantle these energies in ourselves, and commit to new pathways of experience and behavior, we will see our efforts reflected in the world around us. As I write this today, I feel new voices and opportunities rising inside awaiting their expression in form. I am with them in the dreamtime too, learning, planting, and aligning. I know it is not something to be rushed, but savored. We will have the steps appear as we are ready. Aquarius has landed with an endless field of possibility, if you haven’t already, take the time to consider a new pathway that is opening before you. I would love to hear about what is coming alive and attainable in creation through you. 💞

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  1. Hi Honey…testing 1, 2, 3

    Your blog came through email just fine. I received a few with the article and few with “This is a test”.
    I would say you got it down! Thank you for including me. Great article and I LOVE the pics especially
    with the kids, Veda and Tripp. Love you xoxo

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