The GRACE Reset


Sound the trumpets! We are out of Scorpio season. 👻😝 I am not prone to dramatizing things, but we have definitely been in a chrysalis of chaos at times. Scorpio brings us to our emotional edges, depths, and shadows. It reminds us of the forces of death and transformation that are necessary functions of life. As the leaves change color and prepare their descent, we enter a darkening period ourselves. If we can sit with ourselves and recognize our own haunts, and their corresponding reflections playing out around us, we are better able to manage the ride.

We have been seeing, processing, and integrating all energies that are in the way of us embodying our highest truth and inherent worth. As we continue to anchor the higher frequency light codes and energies inundating the planet, we reclaim and restore the higher aspects of ourselves.  New earth creation is about divine flow and alignment. We learn to honor and prioritize our inner reality, knowing that it is our energy configuration within that determines and influences the physical circumstances in our external. As higher expressions of ourselves become available to our operating system, the lower identities and illusions that are contrary or obsolete are absorbed. I witnessed this in great detail in a dream facilitating a changing of the guard. To close out this karmic cycle, I was advised on the feminine relationships and functions that are not appropriate for the next phase. Closing the relationships was only one part; the most imperative was seeing and retiring the role I play in the dynamic. I am the creator of my story after all.

To start, I was brought to actively witness a feminine aspect of myself in relationship in vivid detail. She was very sweet and loving,  but withheld a lot personally, often to the point of detriment. I was shown that the imbalances for her in relationship, due to over accommodation, people pleasing, and peace-keeping, were mutually destructive to both sides. I felt her loving intent, but saw its aim was mostly outward, failing to include herself. I recognized that the unbalanced giving and focus, came from a distortion and deficit inside her that drew the unhealthy “takers” as an energetic by-product. I understood why the relationships were not valued or appreciated properly, and why it actually harmed the “takers” that seemingly benefitted, because in truth they were not able to grow or experience themselves arriving at their own result. Neither side got ahead, felt truly loved or seen, or was able to shift the dynamic.

The old female aspect was perceived as weak, but allowed herself to be used knowingly to mediate peaceful outcomes. She did this often because she saw the bigger picture and sacrificed personal gain and truth for a group harmony. She learned this early in life, and came to only rely on herself. I was brought to a battleground clearing and saw this female dressed and weaponized in armor to defend her position in charge. I waited in trepidation because I knew this was a last stand. She wanted me there to watch, to witness, and to honor her in my life.  I obliged her with a pit in my stomach knowing the end before the beginning. I really KNEW her, and remembered her many efforts and encounters. I was grateful for the time she served. With a little remorse, I looked to the other side of the clearing and watched her contestant arrive, younger, bolder, and slightly colder. As I took the newcomer in, I noticed she was as wise as her predecessor, but less pliable. She met me with a gaze that let me know she was firm in who she was and that she had boundaries. She did not need to be liked, but she would be respected in the way she respected others. There was also a vast love in her, but one tempered with discernment. She was not there to be a doormat. She was there to be valued along with her time and effort. She was generous, but not interested in stepping into any situation that was not for her, no matter how dire. She saw imbalances in exchanges as disrespect to each’s divine ability and process. She was committed and determined to honor her divine guidance above all.

I immediately understood how and why this aspect of myself was coming in. It was a natural outcome of the work I had done to embrace my truth in the light. I watched with sadness the battle that ensued. There was a part of me that did not need a fight at all, but my older, softer aspect wanted it. She knew she was retiring home, and she wanted to make a statement of her own worth since she had often given it away. The battle was long and bloody. I cried as I watched it but I could not turn away. My older self really put up a fight! I could not help but admire her, and if I’d had any doubts about her strength before, they completely dissipated in that dramatic display. I think that was the point. She helped me appraise and acknowledge all that I had accomplished with her. It didn’t matter what anyone else thought or took from the encounters, I KNEW better. I grew and held important wisdoms and sentiments as a result, despite any lack of physical or traditional evidence of “success.” They battled in a ring, on a cliff, and in water. Both faces bloodied and set with determination and respect for each other. When it ended, both cried and held each other tight for my older aspect to be placed at a pyre of recognition. As my new feminine operating principle took her place, all that was before in spirit and wisdom, was included and incorporated into her crown of authority. I woke feeling more complete in myself, and at peace with what it took to get here.


We are transforming ongoing in response to the changing energies and circumstances on earth and in the universe. This month saw an eclipse cycle, and in ancient times eclipses were harbingers of great changes and resets in life. The stars and planets align in various ways that help us experience shifts and expansion. Stars and planets grow and go through changes too. We are part of their cosmic dance, influencing, reflecting, and affecting each other in love and wonder ongoing. If we are attentive and mindful of our connections to the natural forces of creation, many shifts occur in our awareness to help guide us further on our paths of destiny. When we are unconscious of our divine connection and guidance, we are sometimes steered physically in extreme ways. This is not to punish, but to clear the decks of any misaligned and karmic debris that has accrued over time. We are never left here without divine connection, guidance, purpose, options, or potential. We are being freed from our inner prisons crafted with illusion and stagnation in thought and emotion.


Even though much in the world appears to be contrary to divine will at this time, all creation is subject to the principles of divine law, order, and timing. What is out of divine in alignment and service to the true nature of reality is being purged, processed, and integrated into a higher frequency bandwidth of LOVE. This is happening on multiple levels and layers of ourselves, the collective fields we are in, the earth, the universe, and so on. November held a space for us to shed old beliefs and identities in thought, to reach new personal depths emotionally from clearing attachments and residue from old experiences, and to receive guidance on a core wound influencing us in the way we value and express ourselves.


The message of a suppressed wound in me surfaced around Thanksgiving via poor communication and connection with parts of my family. A brief encounter, allowed me to observe my body respond stressfully, despite my mental neutrality. I was able to clear the older energy that was not appropriate for now, and address the underlying thoughts and beliefs tied to old perceptions of abandonment and rejection. I had a series of dreams through out the week to show me past events and dynamics that were being processed. I continue to work with my self lovingly and patiently, recognizing how long this energy has been in my system, how many unhealthy experiences I had with other people based on these settings, and how much it impacted the way I felt and treated myself as a result.for many years.

New insights lead to new choices, new commitments, new actions, and new habits. Old misperceptions were formed and imprinted over time, therefore the shifts and any corresponding beneficial results will bloom and be reinforced the same way. We address things cyclically in layers, in a timing that is optimal and unique to us.

Overall, I have spent this holiday in so much gratitude for all that is awakening and returning to me. It is a relief to know we need only go within to find our best path forward. It was exhausting to attempt to manage and control reality through external means. Thanksgiving helped me get to the basics. It helped me fortify my foundation with truth and love that honors where I am NOW. The simplest truths are the most powerful, and they are all verified in the heart. As I continually choose to release attachments to all expectations, people, circumstances, and beliefs that create confusion, dissension, or diminishment in me, I am left with peace. I am filled with a knowing that there is so much more beyond our parameters of perception. I am affirmed that there is nothing to fear, that this unknown is a part of us too. I am reassured that everything we are seeking or thinking we are “going”to, is already here. I release the attachments to what any of this looks like, needs to be, or what I think I should be doing. Another dream showed me I am already “there,” and that the new earth is a vibrational reality we are being, maintaining, and creating from inside. I can let the past go, and release the contraptions of the mind. I am most effective when I simply let myself live from my authentic state of being. We spend so much time searching, comparing, and striving that we often forget to seek our own counsel, satisfaction, and direction. We bury our joy under masks and obligations, and are often the first to betray ourselves. As things slow down into darkness, explore and celebrate yourself with the same enthusiasm you bring to whatever it is that you cherish in the world. You are also many layers, wonders, adventures, and possibilities existing in many dimensions of reality. Embrace all that grace is resetting in your life, your psyche, your relationships, and your path.

I hope winter arrives finding you curious, soulful yet playful, loose in your grasp, and light in your heart. 💜 🦋








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