Managing Multidimensionality

October has been a wild ride! 👻 As we continue to be entrained into the higher frequency rhythms of the earth, we are integrating mental and emotional constructs faster than we are often consciously aware. Our minds can actually get in the way of the process if we try to figure everything out. Our bodies are intelligent vehicles of divine technology that are designed to adapt and transform in life. There are times where surrender, trust, and rest are vital ingredients in the path forward. Our bodies need time to adjust to the shifts occurring inside and out. There are processes that the body utilizes to purge and transmute energy. We often mistake them for symptoms of illness, but they are assisting us in an evolutionary mutation.

One of the highlights of my October was traveling to Overland Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri. While there I visited a farmstead and came upon an enchanted forest. I thought this was symbolic of the journey we are all taking into shadow for the rest of the year. Ready or not, regardless of whether one recognizes the road, we have all been thrust forward.

In an enchanted forest all is not as it seems. What brightly shines can contain the spark of false light; what is promised can wither when attained. Eyes that are drawn to dazzle or are weary from fear, can be easily mislead. Here it is the weight and wisdom of the heart that knows the way. If the heart is contracted in fear, it will also contract in progress. But if the heart is open to feeling, accepting, and acknowledging what is truly present, it will remember what is real and trustworthy on the path home. In an enchanted forest, it is possible to see what lies in the shadows. When one knows deception is a part of the landscape, one can finally engage in the pursuit of truth. It takes a willingness to be wrong, to be responsible, to be capable, to be pliable. The structures of the path can flip and be obstructed in a moment’s time, and require us to create and move forward in a completely new fashion. Knowing yourself and your heart’s truth is your most precious commodity to get through. All that glitters, and gathers in numbers is not gold. Choose wisely, and know the tree for the fruit it bears.

We are awakening to our multidimensional nature in the higher frequencies. As we embrace and integrate our shadow aspects, we shift the denser energies in our bodies. As veils of perception dissolve, we expand our view and light quotient in the body. We become more aware of our various consciousness states and incarnations in other realities. We experience ourselves more influential in our external reality. Life responds to our thoughts and expressions with increased immediacy and accuracy. As we become cognizant of all of the functions, existences, and aspects we are running simultaneously, it encourages us to be more mindful of the energies we consume or entertain. Everything in life connects, affects, and reflects. We realize that managing multidimensionality is actually maintained more through embodiment than the mind.

In truth, everything has an energy signature. Thoughts are creative and frequential in nature. To help illustrate our creative complexity, I received a tutorial from my snail in my aquarium. I had this tank for years, but while I was in the publishing process of my book, my snail spontaneously began giving birth to multiple babies.

I watched in curiosity and awe. Nothing had changed in the tank, but as I was in my creative process working on my manuscript and marketing texts, the creative spark struck my snail. There were so many! I began perceiving the connection, and was shown that we are always creating. Every creation that we set forth has a life span, purpose, and process of its own timing. When we focus too much on forcing or controlling an outcome with one of our creations, we actually limit it and ourselves in capacity and potential. The nature of creation and life is abundance. Not all creations are viable or meant to last past a certain function. Some are helping us grow more than what they will bring to others. As I watched the tank explode in population, I also saw it cleaned and managed more sufficiently. All of the babies contributed to that result, so one was not more important than the other. I let go of worrying about having to fix any part of it, because I realized we are functioning in many aspects of reality the same way.

What has become increasingly most important in managing creation and multidimensionality is FLOW. Being in alignment with divine flow and rhythm is key. From a state of surrendering mental projections and expectations, one can simply relax into the body, the heart, and life itself. There is a knowing inside that is not rooted in the mind. We are actually existing inside an energy field of our higher nature, and continuously guided and assisted on our journey. The body knows what is exciting, alarming, or exhausting. The heart knows what is joyful and warming, or what causes restriction and dread. As we slow down and ground into the heart and body to acknowledge the wisdom in our divine design, we connect to a flow that carries us to the experiences in line with our path. From a state of flow, we attract what we need, as a perfect match for what we are becoming. We don’t have to chase or force, or try to fit or fix what we think we are supposed to have. In truth we are always attracting, creating, experiencing, and expressing what is perfect for us in each moment. We are shown when adjustments and choices are necessary for growth. We are led instinctively through our own shadows to expand in our capacity to embody our light.


Winter is coming. America is revealing and healing what has been suppressed and distorted in the dark of her underbelly. All of her children have an opportunity to honor the principles of freedom, and the ideals of the pursuit of happiness, imagined in her conception. We are in a phase of foundational reconstruction. We can no longer shirk integrity and responsibility by turning a blind eye, closed heart, or ignorant mind to the obvious fallings and criminal actions that have become synonymous with the word politician. New foundations call for new leadership. Solutions won’t come from the pools of polarity and familiarity.

America is being reborn. She is rising from the ashes of the old systems with wings fortified by the visions and sentiments in our hearts. We are either creating and birthing something that moves us all forward, or we are clinging to illusions from the past and taking poisoned candy from strangers in the enchanted forest. What was, is no more. What was, can never be. Life itself supports freedom and expansion. The earth and America are universally supported in their restoration and elevation in the higher frequencies of their divine blueprint.


Life finds a way to bloom, to succeed, to reclaim what is lost. Have faith in its ability to respond with innovation and fortitude. You are connected to these qualities and abilities yourself. There’s nothing in life that is foreign or separate from you. Know that what ever surfaces in the enchanted forest, is something that you are ready to acknowledge and dispel with your heart’s light. Your heart knows the truth and the way. Take care of your heart and don’t let fear compromise your discernment. LOVE is always the answer and the space to hold yourself in while you go through these changes. Love is more than a feeling or philosophy, it’s a high-level frequency that uplifts, unites, absolves, and transforms all.

Want to hear about my adventures in the enchanted forest? I share some in my new book, True Love Not Like in The Movies.  You can purchase it through this site, or on Amazon and B&N in a digital format. I would love to hear from you about any time you spent in the proverbial dark forest. Leave a comment and let’s start a conversation;)


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