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“This book is a gift to humanity itself.  The testimonial within is nothing short of a miracle, and of that I have no doubt (because I’m a miracle too).  Within it are the resonations and releases you and I are seeking and validating inside ourselves.  It is a dense work, laden with information from God and heart.  However it reads like your own journal, it is very intimate and recognizable.  Ever read your journal and then return to it, only to find yourself inspired by your own words?  It’s something like that.  This transcends and trickles down, all the way to the Earth we stand on.  True Love is a low-hanging fruit (probably a pomegranate) for those that seek higher things.  A true roadmap, if we listen with the correct ears.  For those on the path in a state of listen/silent, we sparkle and shine along with Yvette and her path of awakenings and experiences.  Good, bad, ugly and the highest beauty we can comprehend.

Anyone on this road would greatly benefit mankind by taking this as an example to express the journey.  Poems, short stories, books, fictions with real intuitive aspects, paintings, 3 dimensional works etc.  What if we all did this?

The passage highlighting her brother and the mystery of the shoehorn is pure gold of the highest resonance.  Ya’ll gotta check it out.”

Michael M.