Embracing Embodiment

Greetings from a lazy Mardis Gras in the Deep South. February has had a consistent intensity about it, that forced delays in physical progress and action at times. Surges in energy create purges in density. As spirit in matter, we are sensitive to changes in our surroundings. We perceive separation and limitation through the stored density in the body, and the fortified beliefs and structures to which we ascribe. They create foundations of perception that get rocked when the energy we are in changes; and we are in major planetary changes that are shifting everything in existence on earth.

The disrupted density contains slower, lower frequency blocks of residual emotions and thoughts from experiences that we are attached to, or are not finished fully processing. Sometimes we hold onto to distortions in thought and feeling from intense, scary, emotional, or traumatic experiences to better understand, heal,  and move through them over time. We grow through experience here. We expand and elevate through our progressed experiential wisdom, and reclaim our innocence through the compassion and love we regain for ourselves as we increase our awareness and sacred remembrance. These February influxes have called forth major breakthroughs and resolutions for those energetically aware and working with their soul alignment. This phase of the earth’s evolution will require us to embody our source energy on a deeper level. We are becoming conscious creators and contributors to our reality and the unified environment we all share. This involves emotional and mental responsibility and mastery, and that requires us to address the monsters under the bed, in our bodies, and in our subconscious. We have various collective subconscious fields too that are being reoriented. Humanity has lived with many cultural and religious beliefs, narratives, and frameworks that continue to create limits and disruptions in our divine potential and connection. They aren’t wrong. They served purposes and truths at various periods of time. Many of these stories, characters, and myths changed their details to speak to and suit changes in the culture. Their teachings and meanings evolving with the ability and progress of their contemporaries. This does not lessen or negate their value, but instead shows the transitory nature and potential of creation itself. Last month I addressed the long-standing female mythical influence that permeates much of our disempowering and vilification of the feminine in Eve, but with this sacred rearranging we are experiencing now, I feel its time to move onto Medusa.

The story of Medusa has changed over the years. Medusa originally appeared outright as a monster. She was one sister in a trio of women so ugly that looking upon them caused the beholder to turn to stone. In this version she was the only mortal of the three, thus weakening her position and allowing her ultimate demise. As time passed, however, she became a beautiful mortal woman, that was a virginal devotee in the palace of Athena. Her good looks caught the attention of the god Poseidon, an enemy of Athena, that chose to rape Medusa in the palace to defile it. There are slight variations here, a few portraying her as a willing adulteress, inciting the jealousy and rage of Athena either way. In all, it is Athena that curses Medusa to her hideous, snake-headed form, and banishes her to isolation where any man that approached her would be met with the eternally hardened fate. The variation definitely creates a humbling and traumatized position for Medusa, one that reaffirms a cruel side of life and deity. Ironically, her name means “god’s protection” and her decapitated head, a symbol of protection to ward off evil. She was revered and hunted as an adversary, and then an omen of comfort and prowess in battle. This definitely touches on our glorification of conflict, domination, hardship, and suffering. She garnered no sympathy as a victim, but much admiration as a grotesque and violent adversary. She was ultimately bested by Hercules and her head continued to be powerful long after her demise.

Our evolution and harmonization as a species includes a rise, restoration, and balancing of the feminine aspect. Myths like Medusa’s say a lot about our relationship to the feminine, and what we valued as a culture at various times. Certain aspects of the female principle were celebrated, but many were exploited and denigrated, even by other women. As we make peace with these elements inside ourselves, we will see the stories and experiences change. The feminine’s beauty is neither her weakness nor her weapon, her embittered shadow state, is not what validates her. The feminine is an aspect of creation that exists inside all of us. She is the source of life, the unlimited space where all creations form, and the love that continues to nurture and foster growth and possibility. The feminine is receptive and potent in her passivity. She endures, believes, and abides. She does not need to fight, force, or manipulate to be effective. She only needs to recognize her feelings and vulnerabilities as gifts instead liabilities. She learns to value her voice even when its not the loudest, because wisdom is what lies beneath, not what’s taken or bought.

Our traumatized and wounded aspects are what cause us to grow in distorted ways over time. When hurt, we develop defense mechanisms in thought and feeling to insulate ourselves from future harm. What we build to keep ourselves safe, however, can also keep us from receiving positive energies and interactions. Walls defend against all. Our thoughts catered to seeing others as potential enemies, prevent us from connections that offer experiences to the contrary. We attract things to us based on the energy we hold and embody, so it is imperative to dissolve the past parameters to receive something new. If we allow ourselves to be isolated and fortified in our hurts, we end up like Medusa, unapproachable, emotionally weaponized, and alone. Today we better understand how she got there and may not see her as a monster, but can we recognize her in ourselves? Can we see where we have given our power to our hurts and victimization, and allowed our emotions and thoughts to run amok in our lives to our detriment? That is where we transcend our limits and our bondage to a lower expression and experience. We are meant to expand the internal barriers and challenge our older perceptions to embrace new opportunities.

Our weaknesses, blindspots, and wounds have been used to control and manipulate us for centuries. Elements of our nature have been recapitulated in perverted forms and fed back to us in ways that promote fear, guilt, and shame for things that are inherent and inescapable. This leaves us with a pervasive mistrust of ourselves and of life, ensuring we will give our power away to those that crown themselves as authority. We see what they are doing with their power, and we wait for someone better to come along to change it. This too is a learned response; one that has been re-enforced through the story of a savior coming, told for thousands of years. There are many variations in this also, the elements predating christianity. If we take the time to look at the teachings shared all over of the world, we can see shared symbols and truths that permeate all. There are things that are universal in the human experience, and they unite us when we can stop arguing over minute details and discrepancies to see the bigger picture.

If we take the two stories I have written about, there is a snake motif that is relevant in both. The snake was an ancient symbol for our life force energy. This energy is both sexual and creative; its potency soliciting physical urges and responses that were opportunities to exploit and control early on. In Eve, making her the culprit of luring a man into sin through sexual temptation (snake) helped make women the scapegoat for any desires and actions on a man’s part that lead to bad ends. It also yoked the power of women through internal feelings and beliefs about guilt and submission. It ensured she would be at odds with herself and her place in the world. She would be complicit in her weakened position. In Medusa’s situation, it was a sexual event that cursed her. If we go with the later versions, her beauty brought her danger, that then resulted in punishment. Her sexual energy was then weaponized beyond her control at the crown of her head, indiscriminately destroying everyone around her. Female sexuality has been under attack and subjugation for centuries, creating internal conflicts and distortions handed down through ancestry and culture. It is no surprise the result is the mass sexual violence and exploitation of women and children. What is inherently sacred and life giving, has been tainted, demoralized, and marketed for sale.

As the frequencies of life on the planet rise, however, all is restored to its proper place in value and creation. Life is not considered sacred when the feminine is desecrated. Respect and care is not given to those that foster life. Our treatment of the earth has best exemplified the effects of these misaligned belief systems and practices. Our relationship to each other, to life, and to the varying elements inside ourselves are changing to bring about a resolution. Our position of power always starts with our own liberation and divine restoration. The increases and influxes in light are assisting us in healing the underlying conflicts and untruths in our system. What scientists are calling solar flares, are divinely orchestrated impulses of energy flowing through our atmosphere to assist in elevating its frequency. They cause disturbances in the lower expressions to ensure their reclamation and integration into the higher frequency field of operation. This is not just an evolution of consciousness, it is a physical transformation as well. Because our sexual nature has been a source of manipulation, disempowerment, and enslavement, we will be guided to heal and resolve these issues in ourselves. We have been taught to fear and demonize the snake, but moving forward we will befriend this part of ourselves and lovingly own our pleasure, our vibrancy, and our potency. We will not see it as something to use or bargain as a means to survive, but instead see it as our precious life force to be consciously cultivated, managed, and protected for sustenance and creation in our lives. When I first started healing I was swallowed whole and regurgitated by a snake in the dream realms; last night I was in a place with many snakes of various colors and sizes, engaging with me positively as I continue to embody and heal more my sexual energy. This came after a significant heart opening  and sexual healing I experienced last week.

I began my prayer ceremony initially, to pray for the transition of a young boy that killed himself because he was being bullied. He had loving and attentive parents that were devastated because he did not tell them about the mistreatment he was receiving online. As I connected to the situation and family to send angelic assistance and energy, the connection created an opening in me. I felt a crack in my heart open in resonance to the child, and then an out pouring of grief and a breakthrough in awareness ensued. I too had held secrets at a very young age, and consequently piled on years and layers of emotional and mental distortions on top of it in holding it. In an instant, I was able to perceive all it locked in place in hurt, in toxic relationship patterns, and in feelings of mistrust and unlovable-ness. As I brought a loving awareness to it, I felt the lighter energy come in. I was tingling all over. What followed was a full body re-balancing to accommodate the upgrades and align me to a higher level of soul embodiment. I processed energies relating to the secret events, along with the energies and distortions in thought that I held to protect and insulate me from it after. I saw how they isolated me from my family, and created a huge barrier in my ability to trust and open myself to others. When we wall off and guard ourselves, we live a half-life. We deny ourselves good feelings with the bad. I spent years drinking alcohol to anesthetize, socialize, and endure things; but drinking doesn’t make you emotionally available to others, it just numbs and steers you from being able to move through what is in the way. Drinking alcohol maintains a comfortably numb position in the lower bandwidth of denial.

I quit drinking years ago after my brother died and I could no longer avoid the healing and freedom presenting itself. The divine embodiment process comes with pain, but it ends with liberation. Circulating pain in denial and ignorance as a way of life is no way to truly live. The price of true freedom and love, is feeling and facing all that has been swept under the rug to discover the real self that is always present. There is the real you, witnessing, learning, engaging, creating, loving, through all time. We have been taught mistakingly to look for validation and esteem outside of ourselves, but true empowerment is an inside job. There is no escape from the changes underway. There is no thing or one coming to rescue us from ourselves and our creations. Our salvation comes from internal intimacy and engagement. The energy influxes will continue to affect our minds, our bodies, our circumstances. They are designed to, and are seeking to help not harm. Be wary of those pulling people into the dooms and dangers of man and nature. Seek your soul’s counsel above all the conflicting noise. Let everyone handle their karmic residue and responsibilities with compassion. Your position of empowerment aligns you to others embodying their own. We then unify in resonance, and grow in strength and frequency to assist the collective. This is an organic process; like water, spirit does not fight or force. LOVE already encompasses all.

Your body is a divine instrument that is always trying to detoxify negative interference and come into a state of higher operation, harmony, and balance. Do you know its guidance? There are processes it must undergo to mutate. As I readjusted my flow, frequency, and truth from my heart opening, my body was sore everywhere it was integrating. The pain in various parts of the body had messages and stories. I purged through mucous, blood, sweat, and waste elimination. I ran fever periodically. Heat is an alchemical agent. Instead of assigning an illness to my body, my higher self guided me to hold space for the transition with love and awareness. I addressed everything on the energetic level with prayer, meditation, and healing modalities like reiki and quantum harmonization. I gave my body the time, attention, and rest it needed to complete the upgrade. This is how I embrace my embodiment, understanding we are here to have and honor our physical vehicle and experience–not escape, diminish, or override it. We nurture what we see as sacred; our bodies are part of this evolution and hold the blocks, locks, and keys in the way.

What can you do to embrace and support your divine embodiment and evolution? LOVE is infiltrating and penetrating all layers to restore a higher peace, love, awareness, and unity to this planet. Will you join LOVE in upgrading the templates, narratives, and framework for all life here? Will you liberate yourself? Will you work with your body and help it to free you of the past? You will feel the new levels of bliss and potential activating and online for new creations as you move through the old. You are the only one that can do it for you! I wish you many blessings and breakthroughs as we enter easter season. You are no stranger to death and resurrection. Open yourself to the possibilities…🦋💜


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