Marching Forward in Abundance


Spring is soliciting new choices, attitudes, behaviors, and beginnings. Being relieved of many ancestral karmic debts and stories, I am learning what it is to live without a story at all. It takes a little practice getting comfortable with surrendering to whatever the moment brings, in full trust in my ability to handle it. I have been shown time after time that the higher soul aspect of myself has my best interest at heart. I am continually shown I am not alone, and reminded of the interactive and intelligent support in the life forms around me both seen and unseen, that are but a call away. Detoxing the long accrued survival and separation energies from our systems takes commitment, effort, and patience. We have convinced ourselves that we need to control the elements of our reality to stay safe, but the true work lies in mastering the influencing agents inside ourselves.

As cliched as it sounds, this is all for love, we are all in love, and we are love itself in various journeys through time sequences and emotional experiences. In a planetary cycle of ascension, we are unraveling the effects of time on our eternal state to allow a higher truth and experience in creation. This is on many levels simultaneously, because we are connected to everything, existing in a unified field containing multiple dimensions. Everything rises together, although each expression is allowed a timing and path unique to their design and purpose. Life is truly is magical, and when you set your heart on the setting of love, it shows up in various expressions around you.

New ideas and creations are awaiting expression through you. Can you trust your destiny? You have a choice in the energy you want to move forward with at this time. Old stories, beliefs, traumas, and prophecies are surfacing to be reclaimed by love, NOT to be repeated or recreated. As the frequency rises, we get more immediate returns on the energies we choose. If we hold on to fear, anger, blame, vengeance, and punitive concepts, we are not in alignment with divine love and justice, and we will reap in our realities accordingly. None of these attributes are stronger than love; they are illusions with distorted and deceptive consequences. The only effective defense and protection in addressing them is love.

March is bringing a lot of things together inside and out for our benefit. If you looked up at the night sky in the beginning of the month, you saw the planets Venus and Jupiter come together. A little later in the month, you could see Venus lined up with Uranus, and with app help you could still see Jupiter close to her in alignment. As we approach the end of the month 5 planets will line up visibly in the sky.


As above so below. Everyone will have their own personal connections and influences with these planets, but to me, with Uranus and Venus I felt a validation of the freeing of the feminine I was experiencing inside me. She had been burdened with centuries of disempowering and despairing experiences and perceptions that encouraged her to be at odds with the world. She perceived herself victim and prisoner often, the conscious use of her will and awareness of her needs buried under layers of sexual misuse/abuse, arranged and unsatisfying marriages, betrayal, bitterness, and resentment. She was encouraged to see men as her captors and perpetrators, and other women as untrustworthy competitors in the game of toxic relationships. Her identification and belief in this framework only trapped her in a cycle of shame, blame, and impotency. Emotions that were not even hers, kept her in the deep end of a tumultuous pool, never finding the tributary leading to the ocean. All of this perpetuating and creating narratives in her own life that only validated her ancestors’ experiences, and added personal layers of her own to compound them.

My wedding day, 18 years old in 1994.

The story of my feminine changed in a moment of clarifying release and transformation during the Virgo full moon. As I cried in the tub, I felt and saw myself held again by many of my ancestors. They rallied around me to help me transmute this energy for my lineages in all directions-past, present, and future. They shared their stories, their grief, and their misunderstandings. They emphasized that although these energies were imprinted and influencing me, they did not originate with me and they are not who I am. They helped me to see the ways I misperceived and mistreated my husband as a result, and showed me that the same was true for him and his mistakes from the past. I was freed from so much blocking our loving connection and truth, and felt a significant weight lifted in the way of shame and guilt. I appreciated their best efforts and ignorances as innocent attempts to navigate the patterns set before them. I gladly called forth divine assistance and agency to be the lightning in the family tree to resolve what I could to free the generations ahead.

Overcome with gratitude, I was then called to facilitate clearings at my favorite nature spots close to home. What is done in me is done in WE. I was guided to my favorite elders, and met with so much love, spaciousness, and peace. I was reminded of our natural state of abundance and assured we are always connected to it. It’s the energetic distortions blocking our perception and belief, that are in the way of us directly experiencing it. These distortions are being removed by the ascending frequencies streaming through the planet for those aware and open. We have a freedom of will to cling to impoverishing beliefs and constructs if we so choose, but all are affected by the ongoing shifts on earth. A great awakening is underway, with varying. times and processes unique to each divine expression. Love doesn’t use force or manipulation, but your soul is always helping you align to your truth and purpose.

When I sat with “Grandmother” at Fontainebleau State Park, her spirit communed with me after the clearing. She wants us to know that we are truly here to live our authentic purpose and nature. To do this, we must be more aware and selective of our energy. We must be present with who we are and what we are naturally aligned to in our reality. If we are caught up in agendas, stories, and dramas that don’t pertain to us, we are scattering our energy and weakening our potency in our own lives.  It is truly not selfish to address what is ours, and to secure our highest positioning in our bodies and lives. It is our highest service! From a position of divine empowerment and embodiment, aligned to our true purpose, we are serving to elevate and assist the collective and planet of which we are a part. It is not the other way around, despite political and social agendas pulling people into conflicts, hopeless causes, and worst case scenarios that they have no ability to effectively change alone. We actually disrespect others and their innate abilities to do this for themselves when we inappropriately intervene. Our soul guidance knows and directs the work intended and set for us. We attract it according to our embodied frequency and skill set, instead of attempting to chase, fix, or make things fit. Grandmother insisted that the earth is far stronger than she is given credit for, and that our embodied love in action is a power magnificent and unstoppable. If we truly want to help change the world, we will take care of our own responsibilities and “backyards” first. Our elevated potency will inspire and attract others in likeness and ability. The light is growing and radiating in increasing numbers and waves. A giant cavern of darkness is instantly altered with the igniting of a tiny spark of flame. You can only light your spark from going within and honoring who you are in truth. Another’s path and process will not get you there. There is no escaping who we are becoming in this lifetime, so we might as well get on it now.

As I finished our exchange, I looked out to see a couple pointing at the top of the tree. I thanked Grandmother and joined them to witness the female owl that was perched above me the entire time. I had never seen her before, but one of the bystanders had a nice camera that caught her face, and her nest of babies. She was gorgeous, with intense eyes and an alerted stance. From afar she looked like a cat, and there was something in her gaze that was feline too. She was seen earlier that week fighting off two eagles by a couple camping at the park. I was honored to be blessed by her presence and her wisdom. She was not afraid or apologetic in exhibiting, protecting, and caring for what was hers, and I would see to my passions, duties, and creations in the same fashion. Owls are adept in the dark, and selective in how they hunt, nest, engage, and protect their own. We are encouraged to do the same. There are many choices and varieties here disguised as solutions that lead to bad ends. Your best path forward is knowing yourself, your worth, your truth, and the energies that support and honor that, and where you are going. You are here to fulfill your authentic divine purpose and service. In truth, that will never harm or injure another.

Plant your seeds and see to your dreams in love. Care for your body, and let its wisdom guide you in what it needs. We have ignored our needs, feelings, and instincts for far too long. This has created congestion in our systems that is undergoing a clearing and balancing. We are not meant to stockpile and stagnate in energy or possessions. As we shed old identities, ways, and narratives, our hearts will lead us to new adventures. Let yourself be excited instead of anxious. See to the care of all that’s tender so it can become strong and solid.

Let wild things have life inside and out. We can trust in the intelligence of the unseen and unknown operations of life to fulfill our heart’s desire. We are not here to figure it all out and control things with our mind’s intellect. Let yourself express what’s been bottled up in creative form or play. True innovation is stifled by desperation. We must break the barriers of possibility in frequency to to exceed the problems of limitation. Put yourself in the energy of these things instead of the old mindsets and ways that reaffirm what’s broken. Nature is full of inspiration and resiliency. Connect and be inspired, guided, supported, and simply loved.

My son was having a hard day last week until he was taken out of his personal sorrows by the beauty and majesty of the sky on a ride to soccer practice. My kids make fun of me for the numerous nature pics in my phone, especially of the sky, but he was moved to take these himself. I share them to share the good feelings. He says the first one makes him think of Stranger Things with the upside down.








Sometimes it’s because of the sorrows we are in, that we are able to fully appreciate the glory in contrast. Let yourself grieve, let yourself be moved, and let yourself own the fullness of it all in you. We are not here to deny or fight the darkness, we are here to meet and embrace it all with the true love inside us. We can only change and transform what we accept and acknowledge in ourselves. You are not asked or expected to fix the world outside you, but you are here to love and master what’s inside. This naturally ripples out to rearrange the reflection.

My sincerest wish, is that you come home to the peace and abundance you are inside yourself, and that this is shared and reflected in everyone and everything around you. We have the means to end all scarcity, deprivation, division, and deception plaguing humanity in our lifetime. It starts within. Life always finds a way…








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