Employing the Freedom to Dream

July came in with a heat and intensity that is lighting new fires of possibility, and burning out reservoirs of unconscious and unnecessary excess. Fire molds and shapes as it decimates and destroys. New identities and realizations are emerging, allowing new life to unfold from any surmounting ashes.


As we contemplated and celebrated freedom in the USA for Independence Day, much was going on in the etheric realms to further address the energetic shackles still unrealized by many in the physical world. The physical is a manifestation of energy that exists in operation on multiple levels, most unseen or perceived by our body’s traditional sensory capabilities. We are taught to disregard other aspects of our consciousness as unreal or imaginary, despite their influence and information that is crucial in contributing to creation.


As we awaken to our multidimensional nature, and learn to utilize our body’s divine technology, we open ourselves to what is affecting us and our world in other realms. We realize there is no separation between realms; it is our awareness and willingness to address our position in these other aspects of consciousness that can help us advance and empower ourselves in new ways. When viewed from an energetic and impersonal standpoint, we become less emotionally entangled in conflict and fear. We know that exploring our own psyche and its symbolism, is key to navigating life’s perpetual changes. Fear in all forms contains a lower frequency to be addressed and transmuted, no matter how big or universally influential it may seem.


Freedom is also a frequency, and it has been fought for, cultivated, wielded, and experienced in peaks of creation that ripple out with purpose. July 4th is one of these peak times, and astrologically its date was not chosen at random. It signifies a stellar gateway when our sun connects to the sun of Sirius, allowing a higher frequency of freedom to be accessed. In preparation for this year’s influx of higher frequencies, much restrictive interference was removed and transmuted in the unconscious realms, allowing more to access their own truth, recognize relevant deceit and disclosure, and allow the emotional processing that follows revelation to assist in arriving at a new perception point.  We are living in times of rapid energetic transition, transmutation, and transformation; all on earth are undergoing this together, regardless of where they are in their respective understandings or choices.


Because we are one with life, we need not fear our fate in addressing any darkness we are currently facing. We each carry a facet of creation’s purpose, with a future designed and secured by us in the larger picture at play. We are here to be our true selves and can only know our way from exploring our divine connection and nature within. We are given guidance and direction ongoing. All of our life is our creation, and we can only succeed in mastering ourselves. This is an act of service, naturally contributing to the greater good. When we remember and embody our true nature as LOVE, right action and alignment arise naturally.


Can we trust this to be true in times of conflict? In war? In sorrow?

Can we be present with the changing tides, continuing to anchor in the love eternal inside ourselves?

Can we recognize our emotional triggers as areas of inner significance, instead of projecting blame on an outer source?

We hold the energy of magnetism and manifestation for our circumstances; can we recognize our stories, beliefs, defenses, and behavioral habits that determine our perceptions and results?

Can we own ALL of it, in the way of empowerment and not blame?

Can we bring forth the new we seek in ourselves first, rather than waiting for another to change?

Can we accept that universal love is unconditional?

Can we offer love to ourselves? Our families? Our perceived enemies?

Can we look at our discomforts and judgments as opportunities to explore past experiences that are unhealed or unprocessed?

Can we trust the universal laws of justice and karma to deliver a return in energy to each that is appropriate and beneficial to love’s purpose?


I remember a time I was grappling with justice myself in situations that I felt were cruel and unfair. I mistakenly thought there was an outcome that would stop or justify the pain I was in, or that there was this one thing to set it fair and right. My guiding angels quickly pulled me up, up, up, and higher to a near cosmic view that helped me to see the multitude of situations and perspectives being balanced and meted out. It helped me to surrender my personal desires, limited ideas, and attempts at control, in a willingness to allow a higher outcome for all.


We are at this point in humanity, where our collective limited ideas and outworn systems are being surrendered to the higher operating intelligence of Love that is now more tangibly available. The lower frequency systems rooted in fear, lack, and separation are no match for the higher light templates, codes, and frequencies streaming through the planet. This is a fundamental change that is inescapable, although there is a freedom in choice that determines the alignment and ride. Belief in being a victim of an unjust reality, only assures one’s place and experience in such. Perception and imagination are powerful tools of creation, with effects and results in energy and alignment.


The first week of July was heavenly for me. Spring brought a lot in the way of karmic closure and relationship adjustments that freed more of my energy to feel fulfilled and whole. I was on the ocean, which is a place of restoration and expansion for me. I felt held and in an exchange of abundant life and love, allowing me to receive confirmation on a vision I received two years ago. I connected to a physical place I had encountered in a dream, and was given the opportunity to accept another course in life that will be very different from what I have lived so far.


After soulful reflection, I accepted the invitation knowing I had already done so in other realms of creation. I then said my goodbyes and thanked the land, sea, and its messengers for an amazing time and offer. I came home buzzing with excitement and pregnant with the possibility. I began researching and making contacts along the path of physicalizing the deal. There is a means availing itself, but there is also a timing. I know there are energy clearings and adjustments that I will go through ongoing to ensure I am a match for this new life. There will be things for me to let go, things for me to learn, things for me to take a risk.


This was emphasized in a series of dreams that I had once I returned home. I began dreaming to clear fears, relationship traumas, conflicting beliefs, and expectations of negative outcomes. We hold so much of this in our subconscious, and dreams in part, are ways for us to address these aspects when we are aware of our messaging system and its symbolism. I realized I was being shown the things in the way of me taking my next step so I could release them and choose a new script.


This process further culminated in a dream where I visited the land I connected to, and discovered my friend was there already with her family. She was very pregnant, and in my dreams pregnancy often symbolizes a new creation, opportunity, life, or desire.  This friend is typically aggressive in going for what she wants in life, so she was impatient in the dream and wanted to rush her delivery. She called for someone to bring a hooking device to break her water. I was alarmed and tried to talk her out of it, seeing the potential in hurting the baby in the process. I told her that nature has its own timing that is best, but she proceeded any way. She then packed up and got into the ocean to head back home. I warned her again of contamination in the water posing a risk to her baby since they had opened the amniotic sac. She ignored me a second time, wanting it to hurry to fit her schedule. I was left there with a foreboding feeling, knowing I was in the beginning of my gestation period with this vision, and that I would not make the same mistakes.

I awoke understanding the importance of divine timing, and the opportunity available in savoring each step and moment. The journey is the point, each step crucial and meaningful, no matter how mundane or menial. I look back on the last chapter of my life and see how magnificent my changes and accomplishments are to me BECAUSE of the love and labor that built and sustained them over time. In having connected to the future vision, I realize how much in my life and self will change to get there. I accept where I am now and will approach each step with gratitude and presence to the best of my ability. For now I have a dream, and the taste and uplifting hope of its realization. This is where imagination comes into our toolbox, because to go where we haven’t been we must imagine it first. I do so lightly, remembering my limited view from the angels’ tutelage, and I let my feelings of excitement, love, and gratitude fill in the blanks. I received a preview of its attainment in feeling, so it is there I will play to entrain my system to deliver the physical result in kind.


This is also where I go when I envision, embrace, and enliven the new earth. New earth is being bridged and fortified by dreamers and visionaries. This doesn’t mean it is happening only in the realm of ideas and mind, true light bearers are grounded in their bodies and realities, while unafraid to explore and go beyond. So much is being addressed and accomplished in the etheric realms to secure physical changes that don’t seem possible now. To get there, we must play in the higher potentialities, open ourselves to embody the higher frequencies, and believe and act on the information and opportunities we are receiving inside us. We must be willing to hold to ideals and virtues that are uncommon and unappreciated, to act in alignment with them and with our truth even when misunderstood, and to pave new ways of being that go beyond reacting with the same energy and anger of any conflict or problem. The new earth is secured through those willing to see beyond duality, act in the consideration of unity, and forgive the ignorance and brutality.  There are resolutions where the energy is elevated and united; blame is separation, stagnation, and disempowerment–period.


As we contemplate freedom on personal and collective levels, let us remember the power of one. One love that is animating all life, and one love inside each, despite the varying external stories and forms. August will bring another Sirian alignment in the 8/8 lion’s gate portal. Let it call up the lion’s courageous heart in you, in service to the earth evolution underway.


What dreams are you contemplating at this time personally? Collectively? Are you aware of the many creational elements active in you when you are trying to build or launch a new idea, creation, or foundation? Are you open to all the dimensional aspects of you that guide you in different ways, channels, and levels of consciousness?

Do you know the healing and creative power of dreams? Can you nurture a seed inside you patiently and considerately while your energies shift and align to offer you steps in the appropriate timing?


The earth needs dreamers and dream weavers to hold the intent, visions, and energies of healing and wholeness for her and all her children. It doesn’t matter where we were before, what is common now, or what others will do. What is possible in your heart? What do you know is true and being called up inside of you? If you can be it and live it, it is attainable and will grow in sustainability the more it is available to others. Do you know the power of a spark? Of a wave? You are a force creating ripples in the ocean, holding the space for the water to rise higher and higher. Whatever your higher vision is for yourself, your home, your family, your community, your country, your world, or your universe, plant it in your heart. Hold it in a spacious area of freedom and faith. Water it regularly with unconditional love and the good feelings that erupt inside when you think of it. Let the warmth of the sun and the light of divine intelligence shine on its face. Nurture it and act as if it so. See its possibility in every encounter and landscape.  Know it is alive. It is alive in you, and you keep it alive in every breath, every thought, every choice, and every step you take in getting there….

Wherever you are, it is there. It exists already and is made possible through you.


I would love for you to share any visions that you want acknowledged here. We are learning to get comfortable in asking for what we really want, and allowing ourselves to believe and receive. It takes practice at first to override our old default settings. Keep dreaming and planting! Happy New Moon  🌚💙




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