Living the Dream 2024

This holiday season provided me with periods of intense physical transmutation, requiring rest and surrender. I slowed down and simplified when prompted, and found my moments filled with a deep appreciation and gratitude for what has remained loving and supportive in my life. The new year still felt like it occurred in a holding pen of sorts. I was sloughing off layers of past emotional debris, while gaining increasing clarity on my position and foundation in a higher frequency field.

As I doubled down on my commitment and worked to clear things on all levels, I received small reminders and openings to take steps toward my upgraded vision. Death and elimination are part of creation. We are often called to make room in ourselves and our space to allow for new things to blossom. Pruning is part of life; not all thoughts, behaviors, beliefs, relationships, and choices support our destiny for this lifetime.

As the surges of galactic light continue to transmute the heaviness on the planet, we become more aware of our existence in multiple levels and dimensions of consciousness. Consequently, we then become more effective in balancing and shaping our experiences and creations. We become less attached to fixed thought forms, and more present with our well-being on all fronts: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. We are energy in form, attracting our experiences in likeness; therefore, we learn to become more selective of the energies we entertain, consume, and align.

The next phase of evolution requires humanity to assume its proper place in the unified field of love. Humanity will expand beyond its perceived limitations of separation, lack, and domination, to restore its kinship and connection to the unlimited source of life in all its expressions. Where we close off from love and each other, we close off from solutions existing at a higher resonance of wellness and wholeness.  We understand that the outcome and state of something, is dependent on the success, health, and integrity of all its elements.

To get there, we must shed our blocks, lies, fears, defenses, and barriers to oneness. This occurs both inside of us, and collectively in all group consciousness fields of organization and identification. In addressing these thresholds, we don’t have to diminish or negate their validity. Love is enhanced and enriched by its various expressions, not diluted or divided in truth—EVER.

The surface chaos we see on the world stage is evidence of all past stories, distortions, and traumas being cleared from our systems. What appears to be a resurgence is the necessary processing of past experiences that allows for a higher understanding and perspective to be achieved. Clarity comes from energetically releasing lower, denser mental and emotional residue. It’s a physical process, and often a confusing and frustrating one. Everyone is in a unique position, which is why some people cannot assimilate information that is obvious to others. We relate according to our position of perception, and level of divine embodiment. As we dispel our inner shadows in the presence of our light, we are unencumbered by the same shadows present in others. We allow them the freedom and right to enact their own resolution and timing, knowing we are not victimized in any way by their position unless we give our power to them.

If we consciously face and address our own fears and defense mechanisms, we easily recognize them in others and learn to take people’s reactions less personally. We understand our position of power is always in our personal landscape. Mastering our inner nature is a fulltime job. We are only tasked with assuming our power responsibly and creatively. We are not here to force change on others, in judgment or blame. Most in opposition to us, will be unable to perceive us through their blocks and opinions. Our power is recognizing and mastering our own.

We all have inherited prejudices and preferences; thoughts via ideas, judgments, and beliefs create patterns and frameworks for creation to take shape. Structures are necessary, but they are also malleable. Everything is subject to change and in a constant state of expansion and contraction ongoing.

As expressions of source energy, we are imbued with inherent gifts and magic. If we are not open to this truth, and we reinforce beliefs that degrade our position, we will not connect to the potential.

What do you know to be true? Your whole life’s circumstances are reflecting that back to you. Can you perceive that we are running many realities and frequencies on earth? Are you entraining your energy to someone else’s version of reality? We have been conditioned to do this…. To believe there is one way that is right to live, one religion that is right to give credence to, one version of history that is to be validated by the “winner” or arbitrator of the most resources. How much power are you giving away to support these claims? How much truth are you not able to see in others because of these settings? How much peace do you forfeit?

As a collective we are in the process of birthing a new reality. Instead of identifying with our baser nature, and reinforcing our identities through old grievances, survival competition, and hierarchal differences, we are invited to create a new story. We are urged to connect to the higher reality in LOVE where we are already together. We are encouraged to be forgiving of our missteps and blind spots, recognizing they were part of our human experience in ignorance and lower frequency subjugation. We are not who we thought we were; we have been convinced of our unworthiness for so long, that we don’t even question it.

It takes time to detox the distortions out of our system. We don’t feel safe at first. Our authority structures use this to maintain our compliance. Violence and worst-case scenarios are streaming through every platform. They need us to believe and participate energetically to maintain it. Are you interested in repeating history, or are you here to innovate a higher possibility?

New eras rely on visionaries willing to see beyond the current situation. We are not here to fix yesterday’s problems; as new age space holders, we are here to implement new ways of being that lie beyond the current divisive constraints of the problem. As divine emissaries of light, we don’t need to figure it all out with our minds. We have faith in the design and current of divine flow. We embody the higher potentiality and radiate it. We allow our energy to attract and organize the physical circumstances appropriate for our part. We do not create by controlling or forcing. We manage our energy and trust it to attract accordingly. Love is naturally intelligent and self-organizing. We are often simply surrendering our dependency on our minds, and how we think things should happen or be. This allows our results to bypass the mental limitations we’ve stored from past experiences, manifesting a new outcome.

If we want to establish peace, then we prioritize peace in ourselves first. We won’t create peace while we blame, shame, or wage war with anyone, including ourselves. We won’t promote peace successfully, while we worship a vengeful god that persecutes, judges, and loves conditionally. If we truly want to improve the quality of life for all on the planet, we will retire our allegiance to harmful doctrine and practices.  We will focus our efforts on the world we know is possible in our hearts, and LIVE it. Visionaries are not here to validate what worked before; they are here to bring us where we haven’t been.

We have the technology to improve the quality of all life, we just haven’t fully committed to aligning to the LOVE that exists beyond all differences. Until we love ourselves unconditionally and bring peace to the paradoxical parts inside ourselves with radical honesty and forgiveness, we will continue to deny the sanctity of some. If we can’t accept our own worth and offer ourselves the patience and love necessary to grow into a new version of ourselves, we won’t be able to offer it to others. Where we hold ourselves back in judgment and intolerance, we remain chained.

As a new year and new karmic cycle came in, I have been reminded to focus exclusively on what I want to experience in my life. The past is gone. I am guided to take ownership and responsibility for my creation; to check in on all levels of my system ensuring they are in balance and harmony. All levels must be in alignment and integrity with who I authentically am and my purpose. On a basic level my purpose is my wellbeing. I do not have to do anything to be loved or valued. I am love. As love, I check in on the health of my creations and experiences:

Are the thoughts and stories I am energizing, positive to my health and highest good? Positive to the earth and my direct surroundings?

Am I emotionally aware and intelligent? Do I allow my emotions to flow? Do they enrich my life and my relationships, or do they rule and ruin my mood in a volatile fashion? Do I mind my vibration? Protecting my peace and choosing to cultivate the feelings I wish to experience?

Do I take care of my body? Do I respect its needs or override them to my detriment?

Am I living a spirit-led life? Am I creating and engaging in things that are meaningful, complimentary, and productive to my spirit? Am I connecting to surface or soul? Soul will always steer me from things that harm me in any way, that don’t respect my time or value. I know that prioritizing soul, naturally honors the other parts of me securing me in an earthly existence. Spirit LOVES me unconditionally and will ask me to move beyond my limits, but LOVE will never ask me to compromise myself in harmful sacrifices or punishments.

I am assured I can trust the foundation I have rebuilt through love. I am not alone, and I am always assisted in my guided endeavors. As I have increasingly embodied more of my TRUE LOVE, I am no longer looking to create reactively according to outer circumstances. I set the tone, and I seek my guidance from within. My path may not be understood or approved by everyone, but it is for me to live. I could not have gotten here following any outside directives. I know what is for me is mine, and in no way impedes or diminishes what is good for another. I have come to love and value myself authentically and unapologetically; and I sincerely hope to see everyone do this for themselves in their own way. It is joy to know yourself and live your purpose. As I cultivate this joy, I radiate and encounter it everywhere I go.


It is part of my focus for 2024, to awaken and inspire more love in all levels of life on earth. As our past is cleared from our cellular memory, may we remember ourselves as the LOVE in which all form resides, and all dreams are made possible. May we LIVE the dream we wish to see manifest in the world. I wish you a restorative and magical new year!

I would love to hear about your holiday experience. Are you living your dream? What is your focus for the new karmic cycle? What are you willing to create and facilitate in 2024 as LOVE?

























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