A Procession of Peace

November felt like a field of peace that landed to hold space for a funeral procession. October’s death march (detailed in last month’s blog) allowed for the peace to arrive, but in November, anything lingering in feeling or thought that was attached to my past aspects moved out in accordance. My dreams were vivid and active, bringing me to close out subconscious files that allowed more of my energy to shift to the present.

As I explored various dimensions of consciousness, I realized how much we exist in many “places” at once; I also realized how incorrect it is to assume our goal or ascended outcome is a place at all. It has been useful in manipulating and subjugating humanity, to encourage the idea that heaven and hell are places set apart from earth. This has imprinted beliefs that there are things we can do to go or avoid going there. That focus betrays our senses. We are often living in hellish frequency experiences, ever looking to avoid something worse.

Our beliefs, and avoidance in feeling the truth of our realities, help ensure that we will perpetually create the same. Heaven, after all, is something we are taught we must physically die to achieve any way. Instead, we argue over ways for people to get there, dehumanizing and invalidating other life forms that don’t support our version of ‘truth.” It is only when we are forced to fully feel the weight of our truth and recognize its costs in our own lives that we stop seeking a place. We see that we are only running from ourselves and our most vulnerable parts. These parts are innocent; they are simply wanting to be brought home, separated by walls of feeling, fearfully made to appear larger in size over time.

It is hard to imagine that all the troubles in the world exist in a unified field of peace. The illusion and complexity rampant in physical separation feels like a prison. It is only when we extract our energy and attention from the sources of distortion and deception in our lives, and redirect it to what truly uplifts, resonates, and energizes us that we can perceive the game of entrapment being played. When our focus and fight seek only to match our so-called opponent, we remain entangled and embroiled in the problem.

As PEACE, we can hold space for all our contradictions inside and out. We entertain contradictions in thought and action all the time. We ignore them in our belief and authority structures to maintain our status quo. We believe in them out of fear. We exhibit them as they are convenient to us in getting what we want. We worship them in others where we confer power or responsibility. We deny them in ourselves and hide them from others when we seek righteousness. We call it out in others when its advantageous. All the while PEACE smiles, knowing all as simply the illusions of a solitary argument. There is one love, in various dimensions, vibrations, frequencies, degrees, and expressions—all valuable, all part of a grander design and operation.

Living in the US, we are reminded of gratitude in November. The holiday season is kicked off, which is triggering for many due to any unresolved or challenging circumstances of family or economy. This year, I was able to be more present. I have simplified my holidays over the last few years to start new traditions that honor quality time and peace with my immediate family. Slowing things down helped me experience things on a deeper level. November’s funeral procession helped me to observe and detach from old judgments and obligations that interfered with the meaningful connections that are truly active and supportive in my life.

In death’s transformation and procession, I continued to refine and realign my energy. I saw this in the dream space as rooms getting cleared out, bookshelves and cabinet drawers emptied. I took the trash out and cleaned the floors in one sequence. I also observed empty fish tanks. I observed the water removed from ones that were no longer viable, containing dried up or dead plants and creatures. The water was then rerouted to a tank that was still active, and I witnessed it come back to a more vivid color and bustle. I understood that I had old attachments that I was sending energy to that was long dead and gone. The past runs in our minds far longer than it exists. We get caught up in animating ghosts and fantastical projections of events and others, often to avoid accepting how we feel in the present. This distraction fractures our potency and integrity in accomplishing the things we set out to experience. Many of the files of information stored in our system are handed down through the bloodlines and maintained subconsciously, influencing us in ways we seldom recognize or question. We are vast, multidimensional beings of creative expression and experience. We are being encouraged to embody more of our authentic energy and to grow in new directions that are more compatible and harmonious with us. We are making space for new opportunities and conscious choices to help us get there.

On the final day of the funeral procession, I visited my favorite local spot in nature, and was held in so much love and connection. I am always amazed at the selflessness of the earth. I was overcome with gratitude to be received this way, and to witness more upgrades at the park.

The holidays brought a little heaviness from changes in my family, but the land reminded me that our suffering often comes from our pre-conceived notions and expectations of things. We have ideal standards and obligations handed down that are seldom reflective of our realities, and we often judge ourselves in the ways they fail to comply. The spirit of the land reminded me of how much I am loved, and of how my regular visits and energy shared with the park, added to the beauty continuing to unfold now. Love is a mutually beneficial exchange. In the spot that I prayed weekly for over a year, is now a beautiful bench dedicated with the purpose “Share a message of Kindness.”

I cried on that bench overwhelmed with joy for having been a part of its journey. That land held me through my darkest times, and to see new love offerings bloom there as they are unfolding in my own life, made my heart sing. I felt a tremendous outpour of love from our connection, my cup overfilled and overflowing. I was then encouraged to surrender the old attachments, projections, and expectations into the lake to be recycled. I could replenish myself with all the love I needed there.

LOVE is all around us, but if we are limiting ourselves to only receiving it from certain places, and those places fail to meet our needs due to their own shortsightedness, we are setting ourselves up for disappointment and deprivation. We simply need to open our hearts, our circles, our horizons…

In November’s completion, I was taken last night to retrieve things/energy I had in another’s home. I was also shown an imbalanced pattern or tendency I had in that relationship so I could close it out for good. When we close out toxic patterns in ourselves, it can end the relationships that are not able or willing to relate in a new way. Sometimes, however, it can give another the awareness needed to change it in themselves. We can call our light back from any places of fragmentation and know that our wholeness is naturally loving and inclusive without having to prove we are loved, lovable, or valuable. It is not selfish or unkind to do so. If one side of a relationship suffers to maintain the connection, it is not truly loving for either.

I am truly grateful for the parade of the past that I’ve hosted this month. In taking an honest and accepting ownership of it, I was able to release so much shame and guilt for my “story.” I was also guided at the end of October to surrender all attachments to my book. I was given a choice point to go to an event to promote it, or to attend a new opening in support of the next phase I was shown. I chose the opening.

TRUE LOVE NOT LIKE IN THE MOVIES is only a small part of my story. It’s a true story, and it was written and offered in so much love, but it is not the totality of who I am or where I am now. I release it to have its own journey, without expecting it to be or validate me in any way. It was always about the journey, and I was healed so much in the telling and producing of it for myself.

It is truly joyful to know yourself—to be at peace with who and where you are in the moment. It is from that space that peace is realized. You do not have to chase it or wait for it to show up externally. It won’t until it is truly encountered in you. Peace does not need to be right or need any one to conform to its story or ideals. Peace knows that all conflicts and paradoxes are reclaimed into unity eventually. It is never too late to begin, and it is a journey that always starts within. I pray you find your origin in PEACE this holiday season, and that you will prioritize it for yourself, your life, your family, your community, your country, your continent, your world, your universe….

Peace be with you 🕊





















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