The Dawning of Aquarius

A flow state of creation and being is more accessible now on earth. Physical upgrades force many to slow down, disrupting reliance on former schedules, activities, and old ways of attempting to seek security inside via controlling outer circumstances. We are continuously being brought back to ourselves; where selfcare is not a prioritized practice, it becomes a necessity.

If we still tell ourselves we are victims of our environment, we experience these physical episodes as illness, something wrong, or the product of something we accept as a scapegoat, i.e. leaked virus, climate crisis, bad genetics, toxic food industry, AI interference, satanic influence, fill in the blank with the current dystopian trend. We all have a rabbit hole, but as we go deeper into it, we will always find ourselves at the other end. You will believe and perceive according to the story you choose, what is truly your story?

Humanity and all life on earth are in a cauldron of expansion. The heat, the storms, the reckoning, and revolution are necessary to transcend the previous confines. As a collective we are called to remember our responsibility as co-creators and contributors to our life on earth. As individuals we can only take our proper place when we do this for ourselves. This means we must be diligent in our commitment to our freedom, our values, and our alignment. Nature always reminds me of its sovereignty and majesty when we communicate; we need only reclaim ours.

The universe and ALL its elements are part of this shift. There is no separation. When we surrender to the higher design and implementation unfolding and allow our higher faculties to come online to guide us, we will not be disrupted by any lower fear narrative playing out. We instead, join the energy where the solution lies. We live, choose, and act from this aligned position, connecting to others creating new openings and outcomes. We trust in the love sustaining all; allowing all expressions to play their part and grow according to their perfect process and timing. We know the Earth has her agency and evolution, one that we are not here to dominate or harness.

What can we truly offer her but the best version of ourselves? In the age of transparency and unlimited information, we are encouraged to seek truth and foundations that support where we want to go. This requires us to take personal inventory. We all inherit fears, grievances, wounds, prejudices, and dispositions that are limiting, restrictive, and harmful to ourselves and others. For me, I often receive deeper layers of these influences in my dreams.

This week I experienced myself in scenarios of lies and betrayal, of abuse and neglect, and of conflict and persecution. I found some of the characters were flat, stereotypical representations of male and female. I was able to see where gender roles were clearly assigned to certain types of problems. Men were typically the aggressors, for example. I am led through symbolic scenarios in my dreams and then physical reality often, to help me understand what is shifting in me, my body, my relationships, my lineages, and in the collective.

The last two days illustrated this perfectly. I woke yesterday from a dream where I was in a stressful situation. A party I attended was not what I thought it would be, and my partner was engaging in things that were hurtful and neglectful of me. I was afraid and going along despite what I wanted. I could feel emotions and energies in my heart stirred up as I came out of it, and realized it was layered with some of my personal experiences, but it was also symbolic of energies experienced by many women in my family. My partner was a generic representation and projection of MAN. He was the perceived villain in many women’s stories, losing his heart, his humanity, and his individuality as time went on. Many women stopped seeing him, and only saw what they feared and felt in the pain and expectations inherited. I had unconsciously played this out too for years, and it was because of my direct experience of it that I was able to shift its energy in a larger way. Our healing is like ripples in an ocean, or as it is sometimes shown to me, a lightning running through a quantum web or tree.

I spoke intentions and engaged in an energetic clearing and resolution. I then went to physical exercise and implementation. I felt a lightness ensue after, but as evening rolled around the fire alarms went off in my house without provocation. I thoroughly checked all areas of my home and there was no evidence of fire or gas. I sensed the alarm that was the issue, and when I pressed the button, it silenced all temporarily. I did this multiple times with no lasting success for half an hour. I then started to feel my nervous system get amped and anxious. I knew there wasn’t a problem, but my body was still responding to the stimulus. I decided I would get help and called the fire dept to make sure there was nothing wrong. They discovered an issue with the same alarm I was focusing on and dismantled it.

I went to bed exhausted, stepping into more of my internal alarm system in dreams. This time it wasn’t about a partner. I was brought to a school ground that I was researching for my children. In my exploration, I encountered a building where young children and animals were being housed. They were left without adult supervision, fending for themselves. I was upset and worried for them, but when staff came in, I was in trouble for being in an unapproved area. I saw school staff enter and coral the children into uniforms, order, and an organized formation to leave the building. The children had an empty look, and I wondered what happened there to achieve a submission like that with such young children.

I then set off through a swampy landscape with baby hippos and was confronted by a young man. He kept arguing and challenging me, ignoring my requests that he leave. After being pursued for a time, I had enough and physically pushed him away. When I made it to the school office, that man was there and had reported me. There was a panel of men waiting and accusing me. I spoke my truth, but they were not open to my side, or understanding of my situation. I woke with feelings of frustration, in anticipation of judgment and punishment. I felt deeply that the system was set up for me to fail, and that justice was unattainable.

I again went to my healing practices to shift these energies and templates inside me. I knew a significant portion of my defense and protection mechanisms were surfacing for me to surrender them. If I am to have a new experience in my relationships, like deeper trust, intimacy, passion, and connection, then I must remove the outdated filters and barriers in the way. These show up physically in me as fight or flight responses to new circumstances, blocks to feeling or vulnerability, and even hard tissue in my breast. As I address the energetic roots, I feel the openness, sensitivity, and softness more in the physical. I unlocked much in these 2 nights, and as I embody more of myself, I naturally feel safer in all facets and settings of life.

As we reclaim parts of ourselves that were rejected, hurt, lost, or abandoned in love, we are naturally uplifted and protected by our rise in frequency and light quotient. I find that healing and reclaiming parts of me in lower frequency experiences, correlate to restoring higher dimensional aspects of me as well. As I cried to release trapped energy that was tied to these last dream sequences, I was comforted by a star mother of an indigo blue light. She was robed with the star-studded darkness of space itself.  She placed her luminous hand on my heart to help my process. I felt intense love in our connection, and awareness that she is me in another realm of experience. I have been receiving tingling adjustments in my body since she has come on board, and I know myself to be in a new configuration. When we allow our encounters and assistance to be real, instead of trying to figure it out in our minds, we have a smoother journey.

We are then creating and perceiving from a higher vibration, attracting healthier versions or reflections of the changes we make. Love is calling us to ground new pathways of possibility in unity. As we release others from being the validation or villain in our stories, we connect to those that compliment us. We take ownership of ourselves instead of expecting others to correct or complete us. The healthy in “us” supports and encourages the healthy in all, and higher opportunities, actions, and creations naturally arise from this space of elevated collaboration.

As we approach the first new moon in Aquarius, what are we envisioning for ourselves, our families, our communities, our planet, and our galactic connection? Can we see ourselves in the bigger picture? Can we trust our place in the universe, understanding that changes in the sun, lead to changes on earth, leading to changes in all of life on earth? Can we see what is breaking down, is allowing a break through?

What do we know about change? Haven’t we consistently seen transformation being facilitated by elements like heat and light, sometimes intensely and destructively to achieve something new? We are no stranger to life’s cycles and processes, no stranger to death as a transitional agent. Love knows where it seeks to expand, where it seeks to be empowered, and where it thrives in united intention and effort. What will you facilitate for love in the age of Aquarius? We are dropping the baggage that weighs our rocket ship down and embracing our divine technology as a path forward.

On this new moon, aim higher. It is time to reach for and reconvene with the stars. You are more than you realize!

Happy New Moon in Aquarius 🦋🌚🌹


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