Solstice to Self


As the light intensified approaching the summer solstice in June, it highlighted for me any lingering old hang-ups, stories, relationships, or beliefs that were ready for transmutation. We are all in this process ongoing in a planetary ascension cycle, but there are rotations and rhythms where peaks can be felt and utilized to embody more source energy.

As I remove various layers of attachment, I am sometimes surprised at how much of my energy is returned to me. We are often connected and invested energetically in things that we are largely unaware of in their impact or detriment to ourselves. We are entrained to see or experience life and people a certain way very young, and our modes of operation are comfortable even when they are destructive.

We often accept very bleak expectations and ideas about things through religious or political doctrine for example and allow ourselves and others to be minimized to maintain our internal sense of order and validity with our worldview. We see the degeneracy but instead of changing it, we choose a side of it that we term as “less evil.” Such is life in the realm of survival and poverty consciousness; justifications and determinations forged in fear, secured in manipulation and ignorance.

The weight of these denser energies can get convoluted and oppressive. One of my childhood friends ended her life at the beginning of the month, and as I prayed for her transition, I could see her fight to free herself of a black tarpit of suffering. Her freedom was assured to me, but she will process the totality of her earth experiences as part of her exit from physical incarnation. She will then be able to perceive the beauty of her soul in the ways we all perceived it in her during our time together on earth.

The shock of this brought back remnants of 2014 and the loss of my brother. I was better able to move through it this time because he visited me the night before I found out about her and comforted me in a dream. I was grieving while he held me and I awoke knowing there was something coming, but that I was loved and supported beyond death. I know through him that we exist beyond, and I am comforted in knowing she is not alone in her process now.

This summer solstice pushed me deeper into owning myself. As I was called to process and further shift the distorted masculine template in May, I was brought to end my relationship with the toxic feminine in June. I have been refining these forces in me for a long time now. It has required that I end or withdraw support from some relationships at times, and that I rewrite and rework my scripts and perspectives of my creation at others.

Some of these shifts are simply from incompatibility in frequency; some are from needing boundaries, and about learning to choose myself and my guidance first and foremost. Differences of opinion and perspective are great for expansion purposes, but if they are utilized and intended to keep you small or submissive, they must go. We are not here to serve another from a place of diminishment. True service is an act of love not bondage.

The earth has experienced cycles of time in both ascending and descending frequency. In denser times, it was harder for beings to become aware or active in their own source connection. It became common practice to take from others, knowingly and unknowingly. This was especially true for the “nobility,” and we still see this shamelessly displayed in our authoritarian class today.  The “spiritual” community is also full of healers and masters operating from the old ways. There is a sense of entitlement in powering up that often allows them to justify using other people’s energy for what they deem is the highest good.

I have personally been approached many times, in both the physical and astral realms, by people trying to take my energy. I marvel at how I am sometimes given signs preceding these events. I am often sent animals as messengers. There are agents of dark and light forces, and vultures often alert me to dark witchery. The day before the solstice a vulture touched down in front of my vehicle and scooped up the carcass of a squirrel. It came with the feeling that something was poking around, and to take note.

That night I encountered an attempt at stealing my sexual energy from a friend while in a healing meditation for sleep. I easily repelled the encounter and was grateful for the validation. I had been feeling incongruency and underlying ill intent from her for some time but kept talking myself out of it in the spirit of being nice and understanding of differences in friendship. Once that boundary is approached and attempted to be crossed without my consent, however, the channel and contact are closed by me for good.

As I went on with my morning, I came across another two sets of vultures, six in total, on my morning drive. Both were consuming racoons, which symbolized trickery and deceit for me in my old story. I was further validated, and grateful to the vulture energy for showing me what was being purified in my life. I have stayed the course despite doubting myself and my worth at times. The path gets murky and is only clear once you find and follow your soul signature in the waves. We are not here to suffer or serve in obligations to others. Know your energy and trust your feelings, because many will feast on you with a smile on their face and conviction in their own lies.

This solstice brought me to a renewal in trusting myself, my path, my guidance, and my heart. As I closed this out, I received a surge of my upgraded feminine energy and a new, more unified configuration with my masculine.

When the feminine is not being manipulated, feels safe, and is vibrant in her power, she allows the masculine in. She opens to him, receives him, loves him, and fills his cup. This was experienced more deeply inside the self and mirrored in my partner. What occurred inside, attracted a physical culmination and consummation outside. When we unify this energy in love, it changes the very field and nature of our existence.

Love is the unifying agent of transformation. We are not healing or transcending the dual forces inside us by denying, hating, or over identifying with them. We cannot become whole by side-stepping, forcing, or vilifying. We are expressions of love, and it is in loving and seeing things exactly as they are, that we are better able to right ourselves in this world. Inner stability in love precludes harmony in unity with all.

Reclaiming more of myself allowed me to connect to a higher perspective of who I am beyond these confines. When my energy is not entangled in the opinions and narratives of others, especially those that keep me small, I am able to perceive and conceive further.

My dreams are bringing me to my nature as light. They are helping me understand what I chose here, why I am experienced and perceived in certain ways, and my ability to be unlimited or undefined by either. A new level of joy, prosperity, peace, and possibility has been anchored; we are in the stars as much as we are in the dirt, with no need to reach or seek.

Our sexual energy is our life force is our light. It is a resource that is heavily targeted, harvested, distorted, and misused here. When we energetically rewire our bodies and systems to allow it to flow expansively and lovingly in service to our design and purpose in this life, the potential is limitless.

Humanity is being pushed to its limits and vices to recognize the chains. We are being shown where our energy is being used, manipulated, and sought after for destructive purposes. Will we choose a new template of experience that supersedes aligning to the lesser evil? Will we each do the inner inventory and commit to our mastery, without needing to shame, blame, or take from anyone else to succeed? Can we be honest with ourselves and our relationship to power? Are we looking for clout or power over others, instead of empowering ourselves to live authentically and divinely guided from our own source connection? Does our need to be right overshadow our ability to be compassionate?

What if we forego the current external dilemmas for a bit, and work toward fortifying our inner compass and direction? It’s hard to hear your inner voice, while screaming and competing on the social pulpit. Your life is about you. There are no satisfying answers or saviors outside your creation and purpose. As long as we seek external power, we evade internal peace.

In an unlimited field of energy, we need not be paupers either.  We can live spiritually rich and well. We can respect others in their agency and choices without having to feel bad or responsible for them. Energy does not lie or victimize; it manifests in response to matching frequency and similarity. Love allows and affords freedom, knowing things are always balanced out and met accordingly.

What we choose and invest in, we sustain. We are helping create the things we often say we despise through our attention and emotional investment. When we connect and create an exchange, it places us into an agreement and entanglement. We may think we are higher or better, but we are engaged in the same. As we grow in energy awareness and mastery, we are more selective in the things that occupy our space, time, and effort. We refine and focus our energy on the things we wish to create, experience, and embody.

We are being brought to our bondage to break free if we so choose. This can be done in silence. We don’t have to prove anything. We don’t need others to see our progress or our virtue. When we are radically ourselves and embodying our own light, we are not threatened by the changing and conflicting tides of propaganda or opinion. The higher frequency fields are being anchored and implemented on earth through many. Many that won’t seek credit or divulge the details of what’s encountered daily. Many that process energies that are not their own. Many that see and are called into the most horrific things but go on to hold and lever the highest outcome for humanity.

You are one and many, serving the many by mastering the one. To be selfless is not noble if it is done in an effort to escape the responsibility and truth of self. We are ever being called to check ourselves, to balance humility appropriately with love. As we continue to integrate more of our dimensional selves, we must still honor and hold space for the sovereignty and dignity of others in varying stages and phases. If we are consumed and fighting what we think is incompatible with another, we are failing to recognize its resonance with something seeking resolution inside ourselves.

Our sexual energy has been marketed and monetized in ways that decreased its value in the human market of consumption.  It has been used to manipulate, dominate, and seduce us into enslavement masked as liberating and empowering practices. We are each being shown our relationship and position in this, and it is for us to decide how we will engage and exchange our sacred currency in the days ahead. We are unlimited in love and more powerful than the systems used to degrade and harness our potential. As our relationship models heal and upgrade to sacred sovereignty and reciprocity, we will have more at our disposal to improve the quality of life on earth for all.

I continue to choose and commit to the path love has set forth in me. I do so unapologetically because it in no way diminishes or harms another, knowingly or unknowingly. Every loss or redirection has only increased the love igniting and flowing through me. I know I am loved and supported, and it is safe to shine my light in a world in transition. I know I am enough and from this love all good things will attract and arise.

I know what I know because I live it.

Love has called on me to embody and put it to practice.

My effort and commitment are met and matched accordingly.

That is enough for me regardless of how it appears to another.

Happy Summer Soul-stice Blessings! May your light become brighter, clearer, and more refined and aligned to your heart’s destiny, and may you find home authentically in you 💞





















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