Sprung Into Solar Fire

May came in with increasing streams of luxurious light. Solar flares are building in waves of illuminating intention and liberation. Even the night skies were expanded with access to aurora activity, inspiring and delighting many all over the world.

Light influxes help us purge blocks of lower frequency stagnation and limitation, to expand and embody more of our higher nature. WE ARE NATURE and need not fear the evolution of our planet and its position in the solar system. We also have kinship with the sun and cosmos. We are light at our core. Our light is intelligent and in sync with the changes underway, despite the ongoing fear propagated in many facets of our cultural constructs.

Our bodies often require rest in response to these events. Our higher mind asks us to surrender old limiting beliefs or attachments.  Our hearts seek openings that require feeling and acknowledging what has built up inside us that we set aside to survive. Humanity is transcending foundational narratives. We are going from surviving to thriving in a higher field of experience that recognizes unity as a foundational principle of reality. For this new field of co-creation to be accessed, old survival energies must be sacrificed in the fire.

We are doing this individually and collectively. Because separation is an illusion, it is not necessary for all to expand at the same time. A smaller percentage of individuals accessing and birthing this frequency field on earth can uplift and hold space for many. We are already in sync on a higher level and need only tend to our personal gardens here. We are our purpose; our service arises naturally out of our authenticity.

I often think of awakening as undressing. We are whole in truth. We are simply removing layers of experience where we forgot our nature as the abiding love and source of all creation.

May helped me remove a foundational and ancestral distortion of my experience with men. As typical for me, this was evidenced in part in dreamtime. I had a series of dreams where I was engaging with violent men. In some, I was in relationship out fear and habit. I perceived and experienced my defensive postures and recognized them historically in many relations and situations.

Early experiences in childhood often imprint and condition the body to respond in ways that the mind  is unconscious. Early situations of inescapable violation, for example, caused a freeze response to situations of potential harm. The margins of perceived threat widened over time, and the numbing became a state that was normal. As my awareness brought me the origins of this foundational belief, “MAN IS PREDATOR,” my body revealed its correlating stress and defense responses so I could intentionally process and rewire its default settings.

I additionally saw how I inappropriately felt shame and guilt for situations I was literally frozen in while enduring. How I often criticized and blamed myself as a means of expressing anger and frustration that I was unable to communicate externally then. I know my body was just protecting me. I made peace with it and held space for vulnerable and angry versions of myself from various time sequences. This was not as a victim party, but more in the vein of an empowering and liberating homecoming. I understood why I compromised myself in some situations that hurt. I also understood how I misjudged and projected negative assignations to many that were trying to love and connect to me. It was undressing another set of bars in a self-imposed prison.

After working with my psyche and body lovingly, steadily, and intentionally, I was visited by my earth angel Sonny in a dream. We were in a moving vehicle with a few family members, and he was mediating long overdue conversation. In it I was able to express things that I couldn’t as a child. I awoke knowing that this was healing a longstanding issue from my past. As I went into my body therapy in Hotworx, I unlocked the memory of a conversation I had as a child, that impacted me negatively and distorted my ability to be open and trusting with one side of my family. As I laid oracle cards down, I was shown I was healing more facets of my relationship with my masculine aspect.

That encounter was then followed by a house dream. I have written about them many times here, as I am often taken to see “myself” or my physical vehicle in this life in dreams symbolized as my house. What I initially noticed was how different my house was! The house was much brighter and lighter with a strong plant and floral presence. In the past I perceived purging cycles as me cleaning various parts of my house. This house was pretty clean, until I happened upon blood stains in a set of bedsheets. This was a smaller bed, and I knew it was not the one I have now. I began cleaning its trail and was later taken outside my house to see a house across the street where the people involved were waiting. I crossed the divide of the street and peacefully engaged. I woke understanding what was being addressed in me.

The culmination of these events built to a giant physical release and transmutation on the morning of May 18th. I am writing in its wake from a deep gratitude and awe at the spiral of light and all it unleashes in perfect understanding. Love is what awaits the assimilation of old stories, limitations, misunderstandings, and hardships. It’s a relief to let go.

It’s an expansion in joy to forgive.

It’s empowering to explore all of our depths and lovingly own them.

It’s not about who did what, but who we are in the face of everything when the ashes settle. It’s how we rise and respond after.

Once we are freed from lower frequency entanglements of belief, emotion, attachment, and story, we can perceive what we truly are despite our previous notions. We can see beyond the maze of illusion and navigate ourselves away from its snares of entrapment. We know how confusing and dangerous its trenches can be, and we have compassion for those still wandering in the maze. We know we are still wanderers in a new setting, no matter how much we think we have attained. We learn to trust we will know when we need to know, instead of trying to control the game or outcome.

If you have been blessed to have these pivotal shifts while aware of them, you know the road simply  goes on. The practical still needs tending. Our bodies need patience, love, and care to transform long-held experiences and settings. Simplicity becomes a treasure. A simple perception shift can change the entire landscape of creation. It is designed to, and the light is facilitating these upgrades on Earth now.

So much of our experience is shaped by story. What stories are you moving forward with? Are you still running outdated stories from the past? Are you living in someone else’s story? Do you know it is possible to create and generate your own stories?

We are born into stories of our birth families, cultures, and sometimes lingering unresolved “past-life” influences. I use that word lightly because of its understood association, but there is really only NOW.  The light is helping us resolve old stories to facilitate the birthing of a new phase of peace on Earth. This has been prophesied too, and the light is encouraging us to remember. We must believe peace is possible to invite it into our experience, otherwise we are reinforcing its absence and placing our energy in the conflicts. We must become a home and emissary for it.

There are many still enthralled by stories of conflict. There are core beliefs in old foundations of earth creation like “justice is an eye for an eye,” being worked through for example. We are witnessing a culmination of many conflicting foundations coming up for processing and resolution for a new platform to be available to all. This varies in each person, family, community, culture, religion, country, etc. We are each encouraged to look within. Where are our blind spots? Where do we blame? Where are we carrying dehumanizing or degrading narratives about others? About ourselves? Where are we projecting outward threats or prejudice due to our inner wounding?

If we want a new experience, we must begin by changing our own parameters and settings. It does not matter what others do; we are responsible for ourselves. What world do we wish to create? What will we contribute and demonstrate for our children? We are the creators of our story and our reality. It starts with us.

CREATION IS INNOCENT and we are her children. We are LOVE’s eyes, ears, and arms. How will we wield his power? The light is freeing us of our fight or flight armor and asking us to start living with conscious intention and responsibility. What would LOVE as you create? What would LOVE as you do?

May the light bless and keep you strong in the embrace and evolution of the sun’s glorious gaze!🌞💜

































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