What Dreams May Come

In the light of July’s full moon, we are being asked what energies we want to move forward with for the next phase of our journey. If we aren’t accustomed to connecting with our heart or spirit to ask questions about our experience, or to discern a path that honors our truth or joy, we are most likely feeling dragged through life. In times of great change, there is external instability and confusion. Without an internal anchor point or compass, it is tempting to cling to other people’s solutions, ideas, and narratives. In truth, it is the worst thing you can do. Stability and safety do not exist in outer circumstances. Joy and happiness don’t dwell there either.

True joy and happiness are your inherent state when you are living from your authentic nature, purpose, and connection to the source of life. You can’t find this in another, it only comes from exploring what lies within you. Your outer circumstances reflect to you the energy you hold, the work you are here to fulfill, the aspects of yourself that still need love. We learn a great deal from each other, and we are here to create, grow, heal, and learn together. In truth there is only one divine intelligence animating all life here,  but your role and purpose in this tapestry of life is unique to you. You are here to lovingly experience and express it!

We are living in a time where all of life on Earth is being restored to its alignment with divine will. We are experiencing massive light and frequency upgrades. This is an act of love and expansion. You are an integral part of its design, whether you remember your connection or not. Fear and its lower frequency culprits are being processed, purified, and integrated. There are no limits in love and creation, no dreams that cannot manifest to elevate life on Earth. NOW is the time to envision an abundant, loving, prosperous time for the Earth and all of her children. It is not only possible but certain that ALL THRIVE in the higher frequency bandwidth of life. To get there, we must first initiate our commitment to our self mastery and divine restoration.  We then can unite with others that remember their true nature and creative power. Standing united, fully empowered and embodied in our light, we are unstoppable.

You are connected to everything. You are never lost or separate. Life is always speaking to you. You are always being shown and offered opportunities to progress on your path. This time is no different. This time offers great leaps in what is possible for you. Do you know yourself, your desires, your needs, your destiny? If you have been scattering your energy in many outer dramas and obligations without prioritizing yourself, you probably don’t know yet. It’s ok. There are many ways to find your way home. Start now. Ask your heart. Life is showing you what you’ve outgrown. Life is showing you what is harmful to your body, your psyche, your family, your spirit. You have a choice. You can work with the forces of heaven in stepping into your destiny. You are encouraged to DREAM. Dream without limits or practical considerations first. Feel what your soul is calling for and imagine it for awhile. Allow life to assist you in letting go of all the people, circumstances, thoughts, fears, beliefs, and wounds that are in the way of achieving it. It is a process that starts like anything else–one step.

If it seems impossible now that’s ok. If you need to scream for all of the struggles it took to get to this moment, DO it. There will be actions necessary. There will be old wounds and hurts that need a voice. FEEL it fully. It is often the only way to move through the energies for a new experience. New dreams require new thoughts, new emotions, new actions.

Nature is filled with outbursts and expressions. Destruction and creation are intertwined in expansion. I came across this cypress knee that made me think of Munch’s classic painting “The Scream.” I laughed because it felt like the plants and trees were feeling it too. They can’t help but feel it, because there is no separation.

I cannot walk your path, but I can share mine to help you remember. We can offer each other support, inspiration, encouragement, and a space for transformation. In TRUE LOVE, Not like in the Movies, I make this offer. The path of LOVE is uncomfortable at first because it challenges so much of what you were taught and conditioned with in fear. You are not alone. This journey is backed by the will and force of the creator. Will you join me in taking your first step? The only time is NOW…

I would love to hear from you. Until then, choose wisely and treat kindly. 🙏😘✌️💜💞



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