Embracing True Love

As tensions in the collective reality seem to rise, it is increasingly important that everyone give themselves a space of kindness and gentleness to sift through what is showing up inside themselves as a response. Embracing your true love is owning, loving, and mastering all the thoughts, emotions, and wounded aspects that surface inside of you. The sooner humanity understands that their creative power and freedom come from initiating changes and harmony within, the sooner we will see shifts in the greater external reality shared by all. How can you activate and express more of the true love inside you? Join me to embark on your path of true love and find out!

Where are you settling for less? Where are you compromising your joy? Your heart? Such compromises, compromise your soul embodiment and your feelings of safety and harmony in the world. Most of us were not taught or encouraged to live from the heart, and have accepted conditions and a pace of existence that adopted such compromises as normal, necessary ingredients to achieve and maintain a successful life. Most continue to ignore the costs that these compromises inflict on the health and well-being of all life on the planet. Most are taught to assign blame on outer agencies or influences; taught to feel victimized by forces beyond their control or by bad people competing with them to survive in a harsh reality. 

Such teachings reinforce beliefs in disempowerment and helplessness, and promote dependency on an outside source or savior. This has allowed a smaller few to do well at the expense of others. The time has come for every man, woman, and child to reclaim their birthright and creative capabilities, a time for all to remember their true nature as love. This is not love in the romantic or distorted sense we have been taught, but the unifying LOVE that is the life-force inside all. This love is creative, intelligent, unconditional, and unlimited. This love is inclusive, expressive, expansive, and encompassing. In it all things exist, all things are known, all things are home. Nothing stands against it successfully over time, it waits patiently to be recognized and reclaimed. Once this love is reclaimed, all of its resources are available, all resolutions possible. We are living in the time of the Earth’s greatest love story! Love is rising and setting right what has been in separation, darkness, and distortion for so long. Lovers are being called to initiate their true love stories. Will you join love in restoring yourself and your reality to embrace the life you are meant to live; a life filled with joy, a life that celebrates and honors you for the gifts only you are here to express? You are being called to choose love, and to choose according to your highest good at this time, this is good for others not at their expense. You will have to walk away from what you know in your heart elicits harm to yourself or others, it sounds easy but it is seldom comfortable to take an untrodden path or to change what has been a long-standing habit and pattern . If you have found this message and have stayed with me to this point, consider this a formal invitation. Will you heed the call? 

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