All in a Day’s Walk


As the energies surge forward, I was called to visit my favorite land near home today. If you don’t have a spot in nature near you that feels like an old friend, a warm bath, or a welcome home vibe, I highly recommend you get out your front door and find one!  We are going through many changes together, and there is medicine for both sides in an encounter.

I immediately felt excitement from the area when I entered. There is always a deep love and recognition exchanged, for the things that have stayed the same, and for those that have changed since we last connected. It felt good to be reUNITED. Every time I go, I wonder why I don’t give myself this treat more. I went weekly for over a year, several years ago, and went through major transformations while being held and supported by that land. Beings from the property reach out from time to time, and have continued to hold space and healing for me in my times of need. Today was no different. As I started my walk, I was reminded of the mirror nature of reality.

Everything we experience in the physical, is a manifestation of the energy signature we ARE inside. Changes inside, initiate and correlate to changes in the exterior. Being self-aware and self-directed are the most efficient ways to navigate ourselves during great external shifts and instability. The Earth is going through an increase in frequency and vibration, which will pull all life forms with her into a higher bandwidth of experience and expression. An evolution of energy is an evolution of physicality. There is no separation. As I began a conversation with the earth beings around me, I was encouraged to remember this seamless connection, and to share this with others. We are made of earth and star, and no resources are off limits to us if we are open.

My heart started with a desire to connect to the water. In the times, that I’ve experienced surges of higher frequency energy moving through me, it has often felt like being or swimming in a liquid reality. Quantum physics is finally recognizing that we exist in an ocean of energy, and that separation is the illusion. This energy is TRUE LOVE. Both LOVE and water are primary ingredients and agencies of life and healing. It brings me joy to sing praises and prayers to the waters that sustain me inside and out. As I began, I was surrounded by schools of tiny fish, leaps and flips from larger species, and was blessed with a soaring eagle that dove twice in front of me. The water is always ready to engage and wash away any long-held burdens that are brought to their shores.


For centuries, various cultures honored water and other earth elements for their life-giving properties and ongoing generosity. Efforts were made to take care, stay in balance, and give thanks to these agents of life on Earth. One of my favorite gestures, is the Algonquin Water song. There are videos on YouTube that talk about this song, and the history of women’s roles as water protectors and carries of water. I will share a short segment from today. This song is catchy, feel free to jazz it up and offer it to your home lands in any way your heart desires. It is something that will enrich and connect you to the forces that already exist inside you. When we all sing and care for the waters inside us and the earth in unison, we will see shifts we never considered possible.

Water Song 8/1



As I finished at the water and made my way to the forest, I was surrounded by dragonflies signaling a new path and squirrels delightfully scrounging for acorns. I noticed they brought the same excitement to work and play, and there was an invitation to anchor more joy into all that I was engaging in, in life. We absolutely must remember joy is an essential inherent ingredient in creation. It doesn’t mean we will always feel it, but we have a right to choose it as a foundational element and building block in everything we do here. Living from our joy, creating from our joy, sharing our joy, and expressing gratitude for the joy in our lives is enough. This will continue to inspire diverse expressions and directions, but imagine what life will look like when growth through joy replaces growth through suffering in the human population. It is a dream I give my imagination permission to wander in often.

What we dream, we often call into existence in some way. Why not focus on things that uplift circumstances for ALL?

My trip ended visiting two of my favorite tree folk. One is the oldest live oak in the city. I affectionately call her Grandma because of the way she feels in her embrace. Her trunk has a maturity about it, and her branches are massive in height. They all delicately touch down and create a beautiful enclosure that feels like a cozy shelter. Her roots facing the road are worn down into a shelf or altar space. Thats how I often use that space, sending prayers and offerings to the land and all its inhabitants. She is the place everyone goes to for weddings, picnics, and photo opportunities. There is an endless love and support in her, that draws experiences to her matching her in likeness. She reminded me of this today. That it is time for humanity to understand the weight and power of their thoughts, feelings, and actions. When all three align in integrity, and when giving and receiving are acknowledged and balanced in their relationship with the world, the physical circumstances to reflect this harmony will be met. We too, draw experiences and relationships to us according to our nature and efforts. Are we consciously aware of and gracious to all that we are given? We are supported and connected to everything in life, always. Grandmother has a womb opening that runs deep into the earth. The space she holds for love and togetherness in the park is immeasurable and irreplaceable.


I was then invited to a neighboring tree that is at the center of a vortex of energy on the property. All trees affected by this inner earth opening and vortex are twisted in appearance. The tree appears dead, but there is strong energy flowing through it. Today it felt as if there was an intense pillar, with a strong vertical direction and flow. I make offerings here too, and delight in how deceptive external appearances can be. This tree definitely stands out in the park, and is an energy that is quite complementary to the neighboring oaks.


In every encounter, my energy was shifted, uplifted, replenished, and upgraded in some way. There is so much wisdom in the nature. If we clear our minds and simply open ourselves to our surroundings; there is so much medicine to help us ground the changes we are experiencing. I was guided to walk back to my car in the middle of the road. As I did so, I heard “In the middle of the road, one can truly see how it all comes together. From the middle of the road, it is easier to LOVE it ALL.” I know we are all pressured to be pulled into sides or extremes at times, but my greatest leaps of healing, understanding, and relief have come from surrendering a side and allowing myself to see from a higher view where they exist together. In duality there appears to be winners and losers, good and bad, right and wrong. In unity, however, tragedy and loss for another is directly connected to and reflected in the beholder. The middle road knows we do this together. Not all in the same way or timing of course, but we are stronger and more effective in the ways and endeavors where we unite.

Our journeys necessitate solitude at times, to discern our true voice and determine our guidance. We are meant to follow our authentic path, but we are strengthened and complimented through our collaborations. My wish for you is that you find your path. You find the  peace and wisdom gained from taking the middle road when you can. It is good to see the truth in diversity. It enriches your experience too. In the spirit of this, I share my story in my book, “True Love Not Like in the Movies.” I would love to connect with you about my story and hear about yours. What are the ways your life is touched by nature and the energies around you? Where do you see yourself standing in the road?







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