Marching Into Spring

Spring cleaning came early for me. As I continued with my daily prayer procession, I increasingly made space inside for more of my authentic self to return. This showed up in so many ways inside and out; divine flow expanding in me, resulting in ease and flow in external relations and situations that had experienced periods of slight stagnancy or confusion.

More are awakening to the external illusions underpinning the old earth reality. This is a natural process that coincides with the illusions being unmasked and processed inside the self.

As we return to a state of sacred remembrance and embodiment, we live from a place of wholeness and peace inside that directs and manifests our outer experiences. Our true state knows our inherent worth. Our true state knows and respects the sovereignty and soul assignments of others. Our true state knows love as the true reality and isn’t disturbed by the purging reactions or distortions in others. Our true state knows heaven is not a myth or a place separate from us.

As parts of our collective world adjust, we are increasingly pushed back to ourselves. We can no longer mistakenly identify and qualify ourselves through outer filters and formulas. We are not limited or determined by labels, qualifications, narratives, or opinions. We are awakening to our true nature as LOVE. Love at the highest frequency knows no boundaries or conditions where it does not exist. It is ALL.

Spring facilitates our rebirth. It is a celebration of our transcendence of death. What we have lost, or laid waste provides a fertile ground for a new aspect or level to arise. In truth it was surrendered into the greater field of potential; it lives on as a hardwired wisdom etched in our bones. We realize we are more, not less in its resignation and assimilation. We understand sacrifices can be labors of love, and sadness fuel for an abiding joy.  Once we know what we know we can never turn back, but we can perceive it differently over time.

In my experience, rebirth comes in tandem with refinement. I am consistently reminded that I have a responsibility for my overall space.  As I am relieved of any outlived or undigested weight I’ve carried in thought and emotion, I am still called to be vigilant in maintaining a new focus and feed. Shifting energy changes things on a fundamental level, but we can be creatures of habit. If I continue to entertain draining and conflicting concepts, stories, and relationships, I will be the one wasting energy and holding myself back.

Sometimes what is old is comfortable even when painful. Sometimes it is brought around to us again and again to address various layers of understanding in it. Sometimes it comes back as an opportunity to choose better. Sometimes it stirs up subconscious links we were not even aware are there. Whatever surfaces, it is always an opportunity to take ownership and agency in what we can offer ourselves. No matter how painful the event, we have the ability to wield our power toward a higher outcome for ourselves. Freedom is an inside job first and foremost; we must work on the etheric planes of creation in ourselves before we effectively shift the outer manifestation.

Prayers bring us to that plane, and regular practice builds a momentum over time that becomes a second skin. Our thoughts are powerful, but they are also habitual and conditional. We are influenced in many dimensions of belief and experience. To break free, it takes consistent effort and commitment to reshape some of our formative tenets of reality. It all starts will our will.

Many are too busy taking in data and stimulation to observe what is really running in their system that is fueling their creations and experiences. Most believe themselves to be a victim of their realities, assigning their life’s events to a higher deity or evil counterforce. This fractures potency and defers responsibility. This allows some to manipulate and capitalize off of the ignorant and martyrized mindsets of others. It has encouraged us to think less of ourselves and accept deplorable treatment as a consequence of humanity’s “real” nature. This then becomes evidence of life’s cruelty.

What of our higher nature? What of the beauty in a flower, the generosity of an ocean, or the fertility of a forest?

Are we not all of it? If we keep reinforcing that virtuous qualities are only for the gods, won’t we only perpetuate a world at war and suffering? Will waiting for a super savior truly offer us the best chances we have for humanity to take its leap in evolution and grace?

Forgiveness is a virtue, an act, a discipline, a frequency, a concept, and a road. The same goes for kindness, for generosity, compassion, peace, and love…. All facets of love are part of our nature, but when we’ve forgotten and been misled to believe otherwise, they must be invited, reimagined, welcomed, and attempted again and again until they are the driving force and foundation of our experiences and creations. We must dedicate ourselves as we do to other subjects of learning, career, or lifestyle commitments. I have often heard people say, “I know I should forgive but I just can’t.” This is then followed by complaining about hating their job and its requirements but having to do it anyway—knowing they shouldn’t drink but doing it anyway—knowing they are in a bad relationship but staying anyway…. The will is always there to remain the same, despite any resulting pain or shame.

As we rebirth ourselves in new potential and awareness, we must be diligent in our responsibilities to uphold a higher field of creation. We must approach ourselves as our purpose, and our mastery as our highest job and service. As we embody more of our light, we hold a higher sense of responsibility. As we perceive the effects of negative projections and reactions, we know they are not something we wish to engage in ourselves. We understand the weight of our contributions and must let go of things that disrupt the foundation we have worked hard to build. We can discern distractions without emotional charge, and simply leave them starved and unactive in our lives.

Love does not communicate in judgment. Love is unconditional. Love utilizes patterns and boundaries to create form, and changes expressions ongoing to enhance experience and perception. Any doctrine shaming, manipulating, censoring, or enforcing its will on another is not communicating love. Love underlies all form, regardless of where it lies on the spectrum of duality. The pendulum can swing in complexity away from its center, but it is still existing in the same field. Extremes on either side eventually meet in likeness. We can perceive this easier from the center, than being caught in the entanglement of a more polarized edge.

As we grow in our mastery, it is wise to remain humble in our estimation of things. A planet in an evolutionary ascension cycle, is processing the energy of many lifetimes of karmic experience and interference. As we attempt to make sense of things outside of us, the energy, and its relevance to the collective changes. With so much shifting, our best path forward is grounding our higher self in every aspect of our lives. That takes ongoing honesty, scrutiny, devotion, and ownership of our energy, no matter what outside stimulus seems to trigger us. We are reinstating our creative ability consciously, and that comes with accountability and awareness of our activity in many dimensions of existence.

Dreamers of a new world are present with what is playing out in many realities but are exclusively interested and focused on one. Our greatest contribution comes from our own divine empowerment and embodiment. From this place we are uplifting and birthing what’s possible not plausible. We are not giving our power away to a super villain, a political party, or a prophecy. World shifts are facilitated by many, but the many reflect the one. Many can deny, abuse, misuse, and refuse to accept the ONE, but that only reinforces the illusions and effects of their position in them. It does not negate the underlying truth of reality. All come home to oneness eventually, and there are many roads. We are here to master and restore our own.

As old energy moves through us, it can encourage us to be reactive and emotional. We can perceive situations through mistrusting eyes and exaggerated perceptions, triggering defensive posturing that is at first unconscious to us. As we become aware of our patterns, we learn that they simply require space and acceptance. Our loving attention does a lot to help us process things from a higher and safer vantage point. If we can understand that everyone is in their own version of reality and take it less personally, we stop waging war with any opposition and lean more into what we are trying to achieve in ourselves in the face of it. Anything disrupting our personal peace, has an opening or unrecognized culprit inside. As we deal with these aspects inside us, we align with more opportunities and choices to create peace externally.

March is bringing us into an eclipse window that is highlighting and settling some imbalances. They won’t necessarily be new to our awareness, but they are an opportunity to double down on ourselves. Can we be honest with ourselves in where we place blame, or allow ourselves to be sold short? Can we free ourselves of old obligations and power struggles that no longer serve us? Can we balance the duality inside ourselves, and upgrade any outworn toxic patterns or expressions in ourselves? Toxic relationship expressions and patterns have been surfacing for some time on earth, allowing a new connection and union to be anchored within and without. If we are only focused on battling the outer distortions of polarity in society, we are missing the opportunity to address what is trying to harmonize and heal inside.

We are most effective in contributing to the greater good from a position of wellness. From this place we cannot be bought or sold. We are not willing to compromise or villainize another for personal gain. We are not compelled to take sides and disregard the value of others because of difference in belief. We recognize the bias and limitations that come with the parameters of conditioning and sensory restriction of a physical body. We also know we can go beyond theses confines, and remain open to our role in the changing tides.

Fear is being processed out of the human experience via an ongoing surge cycle of universal love. This is highlighting its signature in all of our beliefs, narratives, systems, and creations. We are purging and rewiring our systems to create from higher octaves of love. We will face and transcend our darkness and unconscious to know our light. It is in accepting not rejecting, that we come to our truth and our ability to then choose a new response. We can no longer deny our relationship to the troubles plaguing our world. We can no longer defer the blame or responsibility to another. We have an opportunity now, to create and relate out of unity. We can be peace in the face of chaos and conflict, not by shaming or “righting” a side, but by birthing and offering something beyond it.

There is a dimension and frequency where this all comes together. As more parts connect to that possibility, the availability and pull becomes stronger for others to join. Love is the universal force of creation, but it doesn’t force compliance or recognition. Love abides and provides freedom of expression and exploration. Distortions exhaust themselves from lack of alignment and authenticity in source connection eventually. They only exist because of our ongoing attention and energetic support. As we withdraw our connection, they lose power. Everyone is waking up to their part in this, and everyone is addressing their own karmic history in relation to creation here. There is a unique timing and position unfolding for each that is best served by each focusing on their own part.

This spring ask yourself, “What world would I like to live in?” “What world would I want to leave my children?” “What can I do to contribute to that vision?”

New creations and experiences require new expressions, actions, and contributions. We are not here to fix the old or the collective; we are here to live our part authentically. All that arises from that alignment fulfills its purpose naturally. Our hearts remember our purpose, and our hearts are connected to the unified field. Through them we bridge the opportunity to build back better. We know where we’ve been, but it’s time to demonstrate what is possible now.

I hope your Easter and equinox season offer you grand opportunities and openings for rebirth and refinement! Happy rising! 💜🐣💐

























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