Living From the Heart

August has been an intense month, ushering in many high frequency influxes of energy that require periods of rest and calm to ground in the body. For me, it has been my connection to nature that has been most helpful. I am always able to feel supported and expansive when I am outside, bare feet planted on the ground or floating in a large body of water. Salt water has been best, and I bathe with epsom salt blends almost daily . It is becoming apparent that things are changing at a rapid pace. I was visited by a feminine higher dimensional aspect of myself in a dream, precipitating the August windows of transformation. In the dream I laid on the earth to receive energy and codes through my body. I shook, spoke, and filled with the light she placed in me, and through me it anchored into the land. She made a point to connect eyes with me in understanding and recognition, and I knew she was me in a non-physicalized realm. She was solid white in skin and hair except for her violet eyes. Her eyes were actual storms, and I saw capsizing seas, wind flinging rain, and lightning active in them. I had recently had experiences with lightning, and felt it inside my body, shifting and rearranging my circuitry. I understood storms to be cleansing and upgrading agencies for the Earth’s changes. The Earth has a body with regulatory processes and cycles as we do. I knew from this encounter that an acceleration of change was imminent and that we were going to be getting these  increases steadily. Two days later, the first wave moved through me and was birthed on this plane. I have had these episodes before, but it has been almost ongoing ever since.

These energy dispensations are evidenced in the increase in storm events in places that don’t normally have extreme disruption from flooding or wind damage. In the body, many will experience these periods as panic or anxiety attacks. Heart palpitations, exhaustion, heat sensations, tingling, and other odd calibrating sensations can occur too. All of life on earth is undergoing a frequency upgrade, and this is a physical.evolution as much as it is an expansion of consciousness. Everything that is out of balance and alignment with divine order and design, will be in a process of divine restoration and integration. Old ways of limitation and distortion are absorbed into the higher attributes of love, unity, sovereignty, and conscious creation. We are remembering and embodying our higher nature, and all that has been separate, suppressed, distorted, and unresolved is being addressed and made whole. On the surface it appears chaotic and destructive, but it is a NECESSARY rendering that serves the purpose and function of a cosmic organic cycle of life.

Storms are necessary in life, to carry away what is no longer viable, and to allow for new growth. We are inherently connected to all of life and these processes, there is nothing to fear. We are exiting an age of time ruled by the mind, where the masculine energy was dominant and in excess. This is not about gender, as both genders contain the masculine and feminine energies of creation. Imbalances in these internal aspects have been reflected in the external reality, in the mistreatment and misogynistic practices established and commonplace in the world that place females and feminine qualities in an inferior position.. As we shift into the higher frequency bandwidth, our feminine energies will be restored and brought into its proper position. We will shift into living from the heart, which is our first organ of intelligence in the body. The heart regulates wellness, and communicates with all systems, including our connection between the higher and lower realms. The feminine is associated with the heart, and our reconnection to our feminine, naturally reconnects us to a heart-felt and heart-led life of feeling, passion, and unlimited possibility in creation.

In a system primarily operating from logic, reason, and order, feelings are less important and desirable, and doing is preferred over being. Shifts in energy will destabilize these preferences and patterns, and make them less productive than they were in the lower frequency, slower, denser, reality. Structures that were once seemingly stable, will give way to openness and uncertainty. The long-term view is replaced with the present moment, and feelings guide the currents of energy for creation, instead of old organized ways of doing things in the past. What was known and valued by the mind as true and reliable in comparison to others, is replaced with what makes the heart sing, what is intuitively guided, and what elicits joy in the moment.

This is a very different way of navigating, but the heart remembers. The heart knows how to love and accept life as it unfolds. It knows it is connected to everything, and creates in the realm of possibility instead of in consideration of fears from the past.


The heart delights in creation and what is good for all. This love is best illustrated in a mother’s unconditional love for her child. A fiercely loving feminine energy is rising. She remembers and loves all forms of life, knowing it is through love and forgiveness that all will be brought to unity and  wholeness. She has been held under the weight of distorted narratives, shame, guilt, and fearful projections. She comes not in fear, but in a burning compassionate love, and she will bring her acceptance and nurturance to the darkest places of the earth to reclaim what never truly lost or forgotten.

As she has come through me, she has said that the age of prophecy is over. What was seen and predicted in a descending period of time is not appropriate for NOW. In an ascending age, we are to remember that all is possible in creation, in the higher frequencies. Miracles are a natural occurrence. We are discouraged from lending our creative power and emotions to fear-based doom outcomes that are unnecessary and unviable in higher realms. The feminine understands the power of holding space. Holding space for the highest vision and outcome, and energizing them with high frequency feelings like joy, peace, and abundance, are not naive or refusing to see the problems. Holding space and exclusively supporting higher outcomes is a higher level of service. Managing your energy to refrain from the dramas and dying systems, is mastery. We are not here to attend to the downfall, we are here to birth and facilitate the uprising. The womb of creation holds unlimited potential, and the new earth won’t be physicalized with the older limited left-brained structures and patterns. New frequencies require new patterns and forms. The feminine holds the place and potential. The masculine will bring new structures and implementation accordingly. They work complimentary to each other in collaboration. We have not seen this large scale on the earth in our lifetimes.

The elevated feminine has returned to her place. Open to her, allow her to comfort you, to guide you. She will call on you to honor your heart’s wisdom for the days ahead. Feel life again. Notice the glory of the moment. Dance, sing, create with wild abandon. Move forward in integrity, and in love and consideration of yourself and others. You must commit to what’s truly loving for yourself. You will feel what is not for you increasingly as days go on. Connect to Mother Earth and acknowledge her generosity and support. You are loved exactly as you are; whatever you have forgotten, a mother remembers. Be gentle. Be free. Be joyful. Be present. Just BE.



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